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House of Cool Studios is a Toronto, Canada-based pre-production animation studio founded in 2004 by animation veteran Ricardo Curtis and his business partner Wes Lui, specializing in designing and storyboarding of films, TV series and commercials. The studio was established with support from animation studio Nelvana as both studios have collaborated to develop a pre-production platform for the former.[1] The company has a staff of over 65 artists. In 2008, they acquired a full-service animation studio named Red Rover Studios, adding it to their list of clients. House of Cool uses Toon Boom Storyboard Pro to storyboard various projects they are involved with. In addition to animated projects they worked on with professional studios, they may also collaborate with amateur animators on their projects as well.

Red Rover Studios[edit]

Red Rover Studios was founded in London by Andy and Linzi Knight in 1994. It is a full production studio that focuses on 2D and CGI animation. They later moved to Toronto, Canada. However, in July 2008, Red Rover was acquired by House of Cool after Andy Knight died three months earlier.[2]


As House of Cool[edit]

As Red Rover Studios[edit]


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