Hrvatinić noble family

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House of Hrvatinić
Coat of arms of the House of Hrvatinić
Country Bosnia, Croatia in personal union with Hungary
Parent house Stjepanić
Titles Duke (Knez, Vojvoda, Herceg), King
Founded 13th century
Founder Hrvatin Stjepanić
Final ruler Matija Vojsalić
Current head extinct
Dissolution 1476
Cadet branches House of Vojsalić, House of Dragišić

Hrvatinić dynasty was a medieval noble house which ruled over various parts of Bosnia, Croatia and Dalmatia between the 13th century and the 15th century.

The last member of the family was Matija Vojsalić who was last mentioned in the archives of Republic of Ragusa in 1476. He was installed as a puppet king of Bosnia by the Ottoman sultan as an answer to Nicholas of Ilok, named king of Bosnia by Matthias Corvinus. Matija Vojsalić was removed after conspiring with Matthias Corvinus against the Ottomans and was not mentioned after that.


   ├── Grgur Stjepanić
   │   │
   │   └── Vlatko Hrvatinić  
   └── Hrvatin Stjepanić
       ├── Vukoslav Hrvatinić
       ├── Pavao Hrvatinić
       └── Vukac Hrvatinić
           ├── Hrvoje Vukčić  
           ├── Vuk Vukčić
           ├── Vojislav Vukčić 
           │   │
           │   └── Juraj Vojsalić
           │       │
           │       ├── Juraj Vojsalić
           │       └── Petar Vojsalić
           │           │ 
           │           └── Matija Vojsalić
           └── Dragiša Vukčić 
               └── Ivaniša Dragišić
                   ├── Pavao Dragišić
                   ├── Marko Dragišić
                   └── Juraj Dragišić

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