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House of Large Sizes, 1993.

House of Large Sizes was an alternative rock band from Cedar Falls, Iowa, in the United States. They were made up of Dave Deibler, Barb Schlif and a number of different drummers, over the years. They released their first recordings in 1987 and officially broke up December 20, 2003. Deibler and Schlif are married and were the two consistent members of this power trio. Schlif plays bass and sings. Deibler plays guitar and sings lead. They have had a number of drummers play with them over the years. Deibler was the band's primary songwriter.

House of Large Sizes, often abbreviated HOLS, played a unique style of rock with a driving beat, lots of rhythmic changes, unexpected rests and false endings. Although their music was unusual it drew on common influences--punk rock, funk and heavy metal. Punk shows itself in the short length of many HOLS songs. The gut-level emotional energy of the music (largely attributable to Deibler's voice and guitar style) and the band's DIY ethic also show their punk roots. Deviating from the DIY standard, HOLS released one album, "My Ass Kicking Life," on Red Decibel/Columbia in 1993. Primarily, they have worked with small labels like WAR (What Are Records?) and Toxic Shock or released recordings on their own.

Funk can be heard in Schlif's bass playing and the throbbing, danceable rhythms of the music. Heavy metal elements are present in some of Deibler's powerful guitar technique and the short musical phrases the songs are constructed from.

Deibler and Schlif have continued to make and record music together since HOLS disbanded.

Reunion shows[edit]


The band is playing Gross Domestic Product at Vaudville Mews in Des Moines, IA. The show is 4/13 at 11:30 pm. Tickets at the door are very limited.

HOLS is also playing 80/35 this summer at Gateway Park in Des Moines, IA. The festival will be held on the 5 and 6th of July.


In the summer of 2009, House of Large sizes

More information on these shows can be found at the new HOLS website


At the end of 2007, House of Large Sizes reunited for a string of live shows:


  • One Big Cake (1989) (Re-released with bonus track in 1997)
  • Heat Miser (1990) (Re-released with bonus track in 1997)
  • My Ass-Kicking Life (1993)
  • Little HOLS on the Prairie (1997)
  • Glass Cockpit (1997)
  • Not for Sale (1998)
  • Idiots Out Wandering Around (2000)
  • House of Large Sizes (2002)

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