Vímara Peres

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Vímara Peres
Equestrian statue of Vímara Peres in Porto
Count of Portucale
Reign 868–873
Successor Lucídio Vimaranes
Born 820
A Coruña, Kingdom of Galicia
Died 873
Guimarães, County of Portugal

Vímara Peres (Galicia, circa 820 – Guimarães, 873),[1] was a ninth-century Galician nobleman and the first ruler of the County of Portugal.


He was a vassal of the King of Asturias, Alfonso III, and was sent to reconquer and secure from the Moors (Arabs and Berbers who had invaded Visigothic Hispania), in the west coastal fringe of Gallaecia, the area from the Minho River to the Douro River, including the city of Portus Cale, later Porto and Gaia, from where the name of Portugal emerged.


The Kingdom of Asturias was divided internally into several counties or royal provinces. Portus Cale was one of these asturian counties. In 868 Count Vímara Peres was named Count of Portugal, after the reconquest of the region north of the Douro river. Later Portuguese historians viewed this event as the earliest milestone in the history of the state of Portugal, although Portugal did not achieve independence until the 12th century.

He was able to expel the Moors and founded a fortified town under his own name Vimaranis (of Vimar) which later became Guimaranis, present day Guimarães (the Portuguese call it "The Cradle City"). Vímara Peres died in 873 in Guimarães. His son, Lucídio Vimaranes (Lucídio, son of Vímara), took control of the county.


  1. ^ From Vímara (Weimar or Guimar) and the patronymic Peres (son of PedroPeter).

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New title Count of Portucale
Succeeded by
Lucídio Vimaranes