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The Houston Force were an American soccer club. In 1994, the club was originally called the Puerto Rico Islanders, but were forced to move by FIFA before playing any games. Landing in Houston, Texas on June 1, the Force only played one game before folding.

The team had only three players with any significant professional experience, David Vaudreuil, Chris Charles and Eloy Salgado. Vaudreuil and Charles had both played with the Tampa Bay Rowdies in 1993 and Salgado had played in MISL. However, the team did bag Hernan "Chico" Borja, a man with wide ranging playing and coaching experience.

The Force played the Los Angeles Salsa on the APSL Opening Day, June 14, 1994, in Houston's Joe Kelly Butler Stadium. The Salsa handled the Force easily, winning 3-0, in front of an estimated crowd of 1,400 fans.

Seven days later, the APSL executive board revoked the team's league membership based on financial difficulties.


Year Division League Reg. Season Playoffs Open Cup
1995 3 USISL Pro League 0-1 Did not qualify Did not qualify


1994: Chico Borja


H. Gomez, David Vaudreuil, Cory Christiansen, Kevin Onwudiwe,Brendan Keyes, Berti Generes, Loui Staines, Jorge Gomez, Chris Charles, Higel, Eloy Salgado, Tony McGuiness, Tolik Dimitrikov, Porkova