How Could You Do This to Me, Mum?

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How Could You Do This To Me, Mum?
How Could You Do This To Me, Mum.jpg
2006 edition cover
Author Rosie Rushton
Cover artist Sue Hellard and Simon Davis
Country Great Britain
Language English
Series The Leehampton Series
Genre Young adult literature
Publisher Piccadilly Press Ltd.
Publication date
April 4, 1996
Media type Book
Pages 176
ISBN 978-1-85340-843-4
Preceded by I Think I'll Just Curl Up and Die!
Followed by Does Anyone Ever Listen?

How Could You Do This To Me, Mum? is a young adult novel by Rosie Rushton. It is the third part of her Leehampton series. It was first published in 1996 by Piccadilly Press Ltd.

Plot summary[edit]

Chelsea's parents don't want their daughter to have a birthday party, because it will be too expensive. Chelsea becomes jealous of her siblings Geneva and Warwick, who receive more money from their parents. Chelsea befriends Bex in the Stomping Ground nightclub. A few weeks later, their friendship is cemented after Fee's friend Eddie tries to assault Chelsea, and Bex comes to her aid. Barry Gee buys his own restaurant, which will be called Gee Zone.

Jemma wants to be an actress, but her parents aren't happy when she neglects her schoolwork to attend acting and dancing lessons. Jemma ignores them, and trusts Ms. Olivia Ockley, the owner of the acting school, who praises her talent. However, Jemma is annoyed when Alexa Browning receives a lead role instead of her. Jemma also dates Rob, which causes friction between her and Chelsea, although they reconcile after Chelsea's encounter with Eddie.

Jon wants to date Sumitha, but she is no longer interested. Jon is annoyed by his parents, who have little time for him. However, after Laura is injured in front of him at one of his mother's animal rights demonstrations, he realises that he likes her and asks her out.

Laura's mother is pregnant, and her boyfriend Melvyn objects to Laura spending time at demos with her neighbour Daniel. Laura's brother is born prematurely, and at Laura's suggestion is named Charlie.

Sumitha becomes a swot when she develops a crush on her new science teacher, Paul Sharpe. At the end of the term she tells him about her feelings, but learns that Paul is engaged to Mrs. McConnell. Sumitha is dismissive when Sandeep asks her to come back home with him, and feels bad after learning that he is being bullied by Kevin and Matthew.


  • Chelsea Gee - Laura's best friend. Her mother is an agony aunt for teenagers and she writes articles for Echo (local newspaper). She is very pretty and wants to be a vet. Chelsea is playing truant with new friend Bex Bayliss.
  • Laura Turnbull - Chelsea's best friend. She's got red hair and green eyes. Laura wants to be a writer. She hates Melvyn and Betsy, because she wants her parents to live together. She's in love with Jon, and they begin dating after she is injured at an animal rights demonstration.
  • Jemma Farrant - A new girl in Lee Hill. She was wearing jumpers with bears to school, because her mother said so. Now she's got fashionable clothes, but she can't make her mom stop calling her "petal".
  • Sumitha Banerji - A girl from India. Her family comes from Kolkata in West Bengal district. Sumitha falls in love with new science teacher.
  • Jonathan "Jon" Joseph - A talented student of Bellborough Court. He hates his school, because he likes drawing and painting (he's got talent for it) and in Bellborough Court he can't study art. He wants to go to Lee Hill, where he can study art. He's in love with Sumitha, but when Laura was hurt in a demo, he realises that, she is important for him.
  • Ginny Gee - Chelsea's mum. She's an agony aunt for teenagers and journalist in Echo.
  • Barry Gee - Chelsea's dad. He sells soup and wants to have his own restaurant.
  • Ruth Turnbull - Laura's mum. She is pregnant and is dating Melvyn.
  • Peter Turnbull - Laura's dad. He lives with his girlfriend Betsy, and is an alcoholic.
  • Claire Farrant - Jemma's mum. She dressed her daughter in jumpers with little bears and calls her "petal" in public.
  • Andrew Farrant - Jemma's dad.
  • Chitrita Banerji - Sumitha's mum. She teaches English women from India.
  • Rajiv Banerji - Sumitha's dad.
  • Sandeep Banerji - Sumitha's little brother. He had problems with Matthew and Kevin, who wanted him to pay them money.
  • Anona Joseph - Jon's mum. She studies art.
  • Henry Joseph - Jon's dad. He wants Jon to study in Cambridge.
  • Melvyn McCrouch - Ruth Turnbull's "boyfriend".
  • Betsy – Peter Turnbull’s new partner.
  • Rob Antell - Jemma's boyfriend.
  • Will Zetland - A man, who offers Barry Gee a restaurant, which is going to be called Gee Zone.
  • Bex Bayliss - Chelsea's new friend.