How Mercy Looks from Here

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How Mercy Looks from Here
Studio album by Amy Grant
Released May 14, 2013 (2013-05-14)
Genre CCM, gospel, pop rock, soft rock
Length 42:16[1]
Label EMI CMG/Sparrow
Producer Marshall Altman[1]
Amy Grant chronology
Somewhere Down the Road
How Mercy Looks from Here
In Motion (The Remixes)
Singles from How Mercy Looks from Here
  1. "Don't Try So Hard"
    Released: 2013
  2. "If I Could See (What the Angels See)"
    Released: 2013

How Mercy Looks from Here is the seventeenth studio album from Contemporary Christian music singer-songwriter and recording artist Amy Grant. The album was released by EMI CMG and Sparrow Records on May 14, 2013. The album is produced by noted producer Marshall Altman, marking his first collaboration with Grant. The first single released in support of the album is "Don't Try So Hard", a faith-based ballad featuring James Taylor singing harmonized background accompaniment.


This album is dedicated to Grant's late mother, Gloria Grant, whose struggle with dementia and subsequent death inspired many of the album's lyrics.[1] In addition, the album was produced by Marshall Altman.

Music and lyrics[edit]

Andy Argyrakis of CCM Magazine, told that the release contains "several reflective, contemplative and wisdom filled tales".[2] To this, Christian Music Zine's Joshua Andre called these "songs with stories that are very close to her heart."[3] Michael Dalton of The Phantom Tollbooth found the music to be "somewhat rustic, laid-back music fits well with the homespun sentiments", which are "honesty, affirmation and love", yet at the same time "it is also sobering and wistful."[4] In addition, Bert Saraco of The Phantom Tollbooth wrote that "How Mercy Looks from Here is a statement of life right now, with observations about life, faith, death, and contentment", which "the tracks are well crafted and solidly produced by Marshall Altman."[5]

At Indie Vision Music, Jonathan Andre noted the fact that the listener is "encouraged to make our relationship with God a priority through these 11 tracks."[6] In tone, Kevin Davis alluded to how this release has a "somewhat somber tone", which this "is quite soothing and many of these songs are lyrically profound", and the effort "soothes, moves and challenges listeners" because it is done "with relatable lyrics, incredible singing and prayerful themes".[7] Mike Pueschell of Worship Leader told that her "wisdom and life experience ring loud and clear in this body of work."[8] At Cross Rhythms, Lins Honeyman told that the release "captures something of the spiritual, vocal and musical maturity that has come from over 30 years in the business."[9] Lastly, Honeyman noted that "whilst Grant has enlisted the help of some celebrity buddies [...] their involvement is sufficiently low key not to take away from what is essentially another seasoned and skilled performance from the artist herself."[9] In agreement, Saraco felt that "guest artists include James Taylor, Carole King, Sheryl Crow, Eric Paslay, Vince Gill and Will Hoge [...] none of whom upstage Grant."[5]

Critical reception[edit]

Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
CCM Magazine 5/5 stars[2]
Christian Music Zine 4.25/5[3]
Cross Rhythms 9/10 squares[9]
Indie Vision Music 4/5 stars[6]
Jesus Freak Hideout 3.5/5 stars[10]
Louder Than the Music 4/5 stars[11]
New Release Tuesday 4.5/5 stars[7]
The Phantom Tollbooth 4/5 stars[4]
4.5/5 stars[5]
USA Today 3/4 stars[12]
Worship Leader 4/5 stars[8]

How Mercy Looks from Here has received acclaim by sacred and secular music critics alike.

At Allmusic, Steve Leggett suggested that "the songs glow with the gentle redemptive wisdom that is her strong point as a songwriter and singer."[1] At CCM Magazine, Andy Argyrakis proclaimed that "the revered veteran is also at yet another creative peak punctuated by authentic vocal delivery, understated but sophisticated production".[2] Christian Music Zine's Joshua Andre affirmed that the release "will surely be a classic in many, many years."[3] At Cross Rhythms, Lins Honeyman called "this one of her most satisfying releases in her long career."[9] Jonathan Andre of Indie Vision Music vowed that this is "a gem to listen to" that "is a standout album" because it is a "inspirational and meaningful album!"[6]

At Jesus Freak Hideout, Bert Gangl claimed that the release "offers proof of the most endearing kind that, even with so many milestones, heartaches and lessons learned behind her, the well of passion and insight that first inspired Grant to write down her deepest thoughts and share them with the world at large shows no sign of running dry any time soon."[10] Louder Than the Music's Cathy Bruce told that what makes this album so great is "the stories contained in these tracks and this is a great return after so many years."[11] Kevin Davis of New Release Tuesday evoked how this "is a profound listening experience and a very solid return from one of Christian music's most beloved stars."[7]

The Phantom Tollbooth's Michael Dalton called this album "more rewarding" than her previous works.[4] In addition, Bert Saraco of The Phantom Tollbooth felt that "the result is a generally more even-toned album of music for grown-ups."[5] At USA Today, Elysa Gardner said, "Grant's voice has never been technically impressive; but her singing has an easy grace that's well served by these songs of love, loss, faith and resilience, which benefit from Marshall Altman's spare, glowing production."[12] At Worship Leader, Mike Pueschell felt that the release did not contain any "filler," saying that "these songs are the breath of her life" and that Grant "hit the nail on the head."[8]

Commercial performance[edit]

For the Billboard charting week of June 1, 2013, How Mercy Looks from Here debuted at No. 12 on the Billboard 200 chart with 26,000 copies sold, making it her highest debut on the chart since her 1997 album Behind the Eyes.[13] How Mercy Looks from Here also charted at No. 10 on the Top Digital Albums chart, and became Grant's record 16th chart-topping album on the Christian Albums chart.[13]

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Writer(s) Length
1. "If I Could See (What the Angels See)"   Marshall Altman, Amy Grant 3:55
2. "Better Not to Know" (featuring Vince Gill) Altman, Jeremy Bose, Grant, Cindy Morgan 4:26
3. "Don't Try So Hard" (featuring James Taylor) Ben Glover, Grant 3:44
4. "Deep As It Is Wide" (featuring Sheryl Crow, Eric Paslay) Eric Paslay 4:34
5. "Here"   Altman, Grant, Molly Reed 3:33
6. "Shovel in Hand" (featuring Will Hoge) Grant 3:34
7. "Golden"   Altman, Eaton, Grant 4:33
8. "Our Time Is Now" (featuring Carole King) Altman, Jon Foreman, Grant 3:26
9. "Not Giving Up"   Altman, Grant, Luke Laird, Reed 3:38
10. "How Mercy Looks from Here"   Grant, Paslay 4:16
11. "Greet the Day"   Grant, Morgan 2:37
Total length:
Digital Bonus Deluxe Edition Tracks
No. Title Writer(s) Length
12. "Free"   Eaton, Grant[14] 3:41
13. "Faith"     3:51
Total length:
Target Edition
No. Title Writer(s) Length
14. "Threaten Me with Heaven"   Vince Gill, Grant, Brian O'Doherty, Owsley[14] 4:07

Chart performance[edit]


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