Howard High School (Howard County, Maryland)

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Howard High School
Howard High School Sign.jpg
Excellence in Teaching and Learning
8700 Old Annapolis Road
Ellicott City, Maryland, 21043
United States
Coordinates 39°13′35″N 76°48′45″W / 39.22639°N 76.81250°W / 39.22639; -76.81250Coordinates: 39°13′35″N 76°48′45″W / 39.22639°N 76.81250°W / 39.22639; -76.81250
Type Public high school
Established 1952
School district Howard County Public School System
Superintendent Renee Foose
Principal Gina Massella
Enrollment 1,725[1] (2014)
Color(s) Blue      and White     
Mascot Lion
Howard HS.jpg
Howard High School was opened in 1952.

Howard High School serves families from Ellicott City, Elkridge, and Columbia, Maryland and is part of the Howard County Public School System.

School History[edit]

In 1938, Howard county used WPA money and bus contracts to consolidate and close many one room schoolhouses into several central schools. Most of the county saw little school construction until after WWII. The School board recommended a single central high school for all white students in the entire county. By 1949, a state bond bill seemed eminent, and plans were refined for a central high school serving the first, second and sixth county districts.[2] Bids were opened on 26 April 1951 with prices ranging from $838,000 to $683,000.[3] Four additional rooms were ordered in 1952 for an additional $30,000 in expenses. 12 additional acres were purchased from the Gaither family for $5,000, with board member Charles E. Miller contributing $2,500 for the land and demolition of the "colored house and corn crib" on the property.[4]

Five names were picked for the school. John Eager Howard High School, Charles Carroll of Carrollton High School, General Gaither High School, Edwin Warfield High School, and Howard County High School. The school opened as "Howard County Senior High School" in 1952. In 1954, Marie T Gaither offered 42 acres of adjoining land for $15,000 to expand the school grounds, which was denied by the school board.[5]

A highlight commencement was once attended by Supreme Court Justice, Tom C. Clark who arrived by helicopter.[6] The population is both culturally and economically diverse with over three quarters of the graduates enrolling in post-secondary institutions.

The reported demographics of the school as of the 2013-2014 academic school year:[7]


  • White 56.2%
  • Asian 10.0%
  • Hispanic 6.1%
  • American Indian/Alaskan 0.3%
  • African American 19.8%
  • Hawaiian/Pacific Islander 0.2%
  • Two or more races 7.3%[8]

The school is boxed by Maryland Route 108, Maryland Route 104, and immediately southwest of Maryland Route 100 and is visible from the highway. It is located 11 miles outside of Baltimore.

Like all other Howard County high schools, Howard High has a yearlong schedule that provides students with the opportunity to earn seven credits. Currently the school has a schedule which includes 5 fifty minute classes per day, with a two-hour long(including 30 minutes of lunch) fourth period alternating between A day and B day so the students earn a total of 7 credits per year.

Student Population[edit]

Student population[9]
2014 1,750
2010 2,023
2009 1,604
2008 1,500
2007 1,362
2006 1,332
2005 1,241
2004 1,270
2003 1,199
2002 1,174
2001 1,257
2000 1,249
1999 1,242
1998 1,142
1997 1,202
1996 1,682
1995 1,484
1994 1,335
1993 1,261


The school under went extensive renovations in 2006.

At the opening of the 2006-2007 school year, Howard completed its renovations, which included a brand new cafeteria attached to an atrium, two new wings on opposite ends on the school, an auxiliary gym (in which the previous cafeteria was positioned), and a new track around the football field. The renovation also provided the Art and Science Department with a new state of the art Darkroom and several brand new laboratories. At the end of the same school year, Howard placed a brand new copper statue of a lion overlooking the Stadium Field.


Howard High School has won the following state championships & athletic accomplishments:

  • 2007 - Girls' Cross Country
  • 2007 - Boys' Track & Field [10]
  • 2006 - Boys' Track & Field
  • 2006 - Girls' Cross County [11]
  • 1995 - Girls' Track & Field [12]
  • 1994 - Girls' Basketball [13]
  • 1992 - Girls' Track & Field
  • 1989 - Boys' Soccer [14]
  • 1989 - Boys' Indoor Track 2A-1A[15]
  • 1985 - Boys' Indoor Track BC
  • 1985 - Boys' Track & Field
  • 1984 - Boys' Indoor Track BC
  • 1980 - Girls' Volleyball [16]
  • 1974 - Football [17]

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