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Breslow, Morrison, and Terzian

Howard J. Morrison (born 1932) is noted for his numerous contributions to the toy industry. Most notably is his work with Ralph H. Baer designing the game Simon while working for the legendary Marvin Glass at Marvin Glass and Associates.[citation needed]

Upon leaving Marvin Glass and Associates with partners Jeffrey Breslow and Roben Terzian in 1988, Howard and partners went on to be inducted into the [1] Toy Industry Association Hall of Fame in 1998.

Some of their best selling products include: The Animal, Ants in the Pants, Guesstures (originally named Gestures), Brain Warp, California Roller Baby, Real Talking Bubba, Masterpiece, My Size Barbie, Casey Cartwheel, Jennie Gymnast, Hot Wheels Criss Cross Crash and many more.[citation needed]

Together with others, Howard Morrison shares over 100 toy related U.S. patents.[citation needed]

Howard Morrison is currently recovering from a major motorcycle accident in 2006.[citation needed]


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