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Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association is a political lobbying and policy organization that was the major advocate for Proposition 13 in California in 1978.[1] Proposition 13, which became law, severely limited property tax increases for California persons and businesses and had major repercussions on California state and local tax policies, land development, housing prices and public education.[2]

It was founded by California Republican Howard Jarvis, who died in 1986. The organization remains active and is headed by Jon Coupal.[3]

HJTA opposes all new and old taxes on Californian persons and businesses. Its motto, "Dedicated to protecting Proposition 13 and promoting taxpayers' rights", expresses its primary mission of defending Proposition 13. It mobilizes its members to support or oppose legislation. It endorses candidates in California elections and is an important source of funds for elections of candidates, laws and propositions in California.

Some examples of its activities:

In 1996, HJTA authored Proposition 218, “The Right To Vote On Taxes Act,” which specified that rate rollback initiatives can be qualified with a small number of signatures.[4]

In 2010, it spent at least $100,000 in support of Proposition 23, which was aimed at suspending AB 32, the Global Warming Solutions Act of 2006. It was the plaintiff in a lawsuit to change the ballot wording of Proposition 23.


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