Howlin' Rain

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Howlin' Rain
Origin Oakland, California, USA
Genres Psychedelic, Blues-rock, Classic rock
Years active 2006–present
Labels Birdman Records, American Recordings, Easy Sound Records
Associated acts Comets on Fire, Drunk Horse, Saviours, Earthless,
Members Ethan Miller
Jeff McElroy
Dan Cervantes
Past members Joel Robinow
John Moloney
Ian Gradek
Garett Goddard
Mike Jackson
Eli Eckert
Raj Ojha
Cyrus Comiskey
Isaiah Mitchell

Howlin' Rain is a San Francisco band[1] which formed in 2004 and released their first album in 2006.[2] Described as "classically soulful"[3] Howlin' Rain are currently signed with Rick Rubin to the Columbia Records subset American Recordings. Subsequent releases by the band will be handled jointly between American Recordings and the indie label Birdman Records.[4] The band's 2008 album Magnificent Fiend has been described as a "combination of psychedelia, blues, funk and classic 1970s arena rock."[5] Their most recent album, The Russian Wilds, was released in February 2012.


Ethan Miller, while still with Comets on Fire, felt the urge to pursue a more melodic sound in his music and express the influence of growing up on the Lost Coast, so he formed Howlin' Rain with his former high school band-mate Ian Gradek, and drummer John Moloney (who is now with the neo-folk ensemble Sunburned Hand of the Man).[6] After the 2006 release of Comets on Fire's last album, he released Howlin' Rain's self-titled debut album on Birdman Records and began touring with Queens of the Stone Age.[7]

Shortly after the release of their first album, Moloney left the band. after which Garett Goddard (The Cuts), Eli Eckert and Joel Robinow (both of Drunk Horse) were added. The band's second album Magnificent Fiend was released in 2008.[6] The EP Wild Life followed later that year.

The Russian Wild's incarnation of the group features Ethan Miller and Joel Robinow, along with a new rhythm section composed of Cyrus Comiskey (Drunk Horse, ex-Saviours) and Raj Ojha. The group also featured Isaiah Mitchell (Earthless) on lead guitar.

The band was chosen personally by Belle & Sebastian to perform at their second Bowlie Weekender festival presented by All Tomorrow's Parties in the UK in December 2010. In late 2010 Howlin' Rain released the EP The Good Life in digital format, followed by a limited vinyl edition in early 2011 via American and Birdman records. The album The Russian Wilds was released in February 2012. Mid way through The Russian Wilds touring in 2012, band member Joel Robinow left Howlin Rain unexpectedly, leaving the band as a four piece. [8]

On April 29, 2014, Howlin Rain released a live album, "Live Rain, recorded at multiple shows from the 2012 tour supporting "Russian Wilds". [9]

On January 27, 2015, Howlin Rain will release an album of new material called "Mansion Songs". It will be Howlin Rain's first release on Easy Sound Records. In the press release Miller discussed the new album. “I walked out of the back end of my major label run and the first 9 years in Howlin Rain with no band, no label, no foreseeable immediate move forward and a figurative suitcase full of songs, my talent, invigorated by having nothing else to lose, exhausted by the bulls-- and grind of the music business, this musical life, and all it’s absolute bulls-- and f-- tests, cynical but not bitter. I still wanted to make more records. I wanted to track the journey from nothingness back to creation in musical form in a set of three albums and rock bottom was the perfect place to start from. There’s nothing to fake down here! It’s a dark and beautiful and pure cave to create something truthful from. The first album in the trilogy is Mansion Songs.” [10]

Band members[edit]

  • Ethan Miller – vocals, guitar
  • Jeff Mcelroy - bass
  • Dan Cervantes - guitar
  • Brian "Nucci" Cantrell - drums





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