Hoysala Karnataka Brahmins

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Hoysala Karnataka Brahmin
Hoysala emblem.JPG
Regions with significant populations
First languages – Kannada

Hoysala Karnataka Brahmins are a community of Kannada-speaking Smartha Brahmins. This sect of Brahmins are spread over the Southern Districts of the Indian state of Karnataka.

Origin of name and Tradition[edit]

The first part of the name, Hoysala is derived from the Hoysala empire of Karnataka. The Hoysala dynasty was the ruling dynasty of Karnataka for over three centuries, beginning in 950 AD. Karnataka is derived from the fact that the mother tongue of the community, and the region where the community resides are called Kannada and Karnataka.

Hoysala Karnataka Brahmins are followers of Advaita theology (Smarta Sampradhaya).

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