Hradec substation

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Hradec substation

Hradec substation(Czech přep. stanice Hradec) is an important substation connecting the 220 kV and 400 kV grid in the Czech republic's electricity grid. It is situated near Hradec u Kadaně in northern Bohemia. In Hradec the high voltage transmission lines from the surrounding lignite-fired power stations come together and the distribution of load takes place. Hradec is starting point of two high voltage transmission lines to Germany, a 400 kV line to Röhrsdorf in Saxony and a 400 kV line to Etzenricht in Bavaria. The transmission capacity of the line to Röhrsdorf, which went into service during 1976 is 2640 MW. The 220 kV link to Zwönitz, which was built in the 1950s, no longer exists. Direct 400 kV interconnections from the substation exist to Tušimice and Prunéřov power station.

A remarkable feature is, that the 400 kV line to Etzenricht is implemented from the busbar to the termination portal on the area of the substation as underground cable, which may be the only 400 kV underground cable in Czech.

400 kV-lines exist to:

  • Röhrsdorf (2 circuits)
  • Etzenricht (1 circuit)
  • Prosenice (1 circuit)
  • Chrást (1 circuit)
  • Vyškov (1 circuit)

220 kV-lines exist to:

  • Vítkov (2 circuits)
  • Vyškov (2 circuits)

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Coordinates: 50°20′46″N 13°19′43″E / 50.34611°N 13.32861°E / 50.34611; 13.32861