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For the postal company operating in Bosnia and Herzegovina, see Hrvatska Pošta Mostar.
HP-Hrvatska pošta d.d.
"Croatian Post Inc."
Type Business corporation, Government-owned
Founded 1999
Headquarters 13 Jurišićeva Street, Zagreb, Croatia,
General Post Office, Zagreb
Key people Alen Premužak (President of the Board)
Services Letter post, parcel service, EMS,financial and retail services, digital television
Employees 9,650 (31 December 2013)

Croatian Post Inc. (HP-Hrvatska pošta d.d.), founded in 1999, is a business corporation in ownership of the Republic of Croatia. Croatian Post is a national postal operator of the Republic of Croatia and the leader in the postal services market in the country; Croatian Post has been awarded a number of prices for its business activities. Post offices of the Croatian Post (total number: 1018) form one of the widest services and retail networks in the country. Apart from postal and logistics services Croatian Post offers also payment services, retail services and digital TV service in the whole territory of Croatia. Croatian Post is also one of the founders and a full member of the Association of European Public Postal Operators (PostEurop), while the Republic of Croatia is a member of the Universal Postal Union (UPU). Croatian Post also issues postage stamps of the Republic of Croatia.

Post office and Headquarters in Zagreb


Croatian Post was founded as an independent joint stock company on 1 January 1999 after splitting of the public company HPT-Hrvatska pošta i telekomunikacije (HPT Croatian Post and Telecommunications) into two joint stock companies: one for the business area of postal services (Croatian Post) and the other for the business area of telecommunications (Croatian Telecommunication). Today's business activities of Croatian Post are the continuation of the tradition and continuity of postal business in the Republic of Croatia.


Croatian Post is organised in for divisions. Postal Service Division is in charge of transport, sorting and delivery of mail. Network Division manages the network of post offices. Express Services Division is in charge of express delivery– hpekspres. Support Services Division is in charge of - among other activities - for financial matters and real property.


Postal Services[edit]

Croatian Post is a national postal operator and the services it offers include acceptance, directing, transport and delivery of mail in national and international letter mail service. Universal postal services are provided in the whole territory of the Republic of Croatia to all users under same conditions. Apart from universal services Croatian Post also provides many other postal services: acceptance, directing, transport and delivery of direct mail, printed matter (books and prints), parcels, prepaid reply service (IBRS/CCRI mail), express mail services (EMS) and value-added services: hpekspres, business parcel and e-parcel.


ePost is a service of Croatian Post which enables users to accomplish a series of services through electronic media. Through ePost service it is possible to receive and send letters, messages and documents (including bills) in electronic form, pay bills with credit and debit cards regardless of the fact whether they were received through the service or sent to home address and store documents to safe archives accessible always and from anywhere. After registration for ePost service which uses current safety standards based on certificates, users can safely and simply manage their documents.


hpekspres service is a fast delivery service of Croatian Post covering the whole territory of the Republic of Croatia with delivery deadlines as a rule on the same or next working day.

Payment services[edit]

In post offices Croatian Post offers various payment services e.g. cash money transfer services, account payments, cash withdrawal and money exchange. In post offices also savings accounts and insurance policies can be contracted.


In post offices there is a large assortment of retail goods available, such as e.g. greetings cards and postcards, books, technical goods. Toys and there is also a possibility of catalogue ordering.


evotv is a digital TV service (PAY TV) offered by Croatian Post. It uses DVB-T2 technology (digital TV signal), which enables watching TV program by means of a classic antenna, and without the necessity of telephone or Internet connection. Evotv programs can be viewed with the support of the evotv digital receiver, and are organised in thematic units - the so-called bouquets, which are at customer’s choice.


Since 1991 Croatian Post has been issuing postage stamps of the Republic of Croatia. First definitive postage stamp Airmail Zagreb-Dubrovnik was issued on 9 September 1991 and the first commemorative postage stamp on 10 December 1991 on the occasion of proclamation of independence of the Republic of Croatia. Until today (2013) Croatian Post has issued more than 900 postage stamps with a variety of themes and motifs. Postage stamps issued by Croatian Post have won many international prizes..

Foundation Your Post[edit]

Croatian Post has founded the Foundation Your Post in order to ensure financial help to children without adequate parental care, once they start their independent life. Sponsors which the Croatian Post finds to support those children - foregoing the commission – pay life policies to names of those children. The amount is paid to protégés of children's homes in the form of a kind of annuity when they leave the children's home, so that they can pay for the basic life costs until they find work. The founding of the Foundation is the continuation of the humanitarian project Good people for the Children of Croatia, which the Croatian Post has been running since 2009.



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