Huanan Bridge

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Huanan Bridge
Carries Huanan Expressway
Crosses Pearl River
Locale Guangzhou, Guangdong, China
Coordinates 23°06′28″N 113°21′05″E / 23.107778°N 113.351389°E / 23.107778; 113.351389Coordinates: 23°06′28″N 113°21′05″E / 23.107778°N 113.351389°E / 23.107778; 113.351389
Huanan Bridge is located in Guangdong
Jiefang Bridge
Jiefang Bridge

Huanan Bridge (simplified Chinese: 华南大桥; traditional Chinese: 華南大橋; pinyin: Huánándàqiáo) is a bridge crossing the Pearl River in Guangzhou, China.

The bridge carries the Huanan Expressway, which connects the Haizhu District and southern Panyu District with the Tianhe District. It also serves as an important connection between the grounds of the biannual Canton Fair in Pazhou and the new central business district of Zhujiang New Town.