Huangpu District, Guangzhou

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Whampoa Military Academy on Changzhou Island
  Huangpu in Guangzhou
  Huangpu in Guangzhou
Country China
Region Guangzhou
 • Total 122 km2 (47 sq mi)
Population (2006)
 • Total 193,641
 • Density 122/km2 (320/sq mi)
Time zone China Standard (UTC+8)
Postal code 510700
Area code(s) 020
Huangpu District, Guangzhou
Simplified Chinese 黄埔区
Traditional Chinese 黃埔區
Canton Romanization wong4 bou3 kêu1
Hanyu Pinyin Huángpǔ Qū
Alternative Chinese name
Simplified Chinese 黄埔
Traditional Chinese 黃埔
Canton Romanization wong4 bou3
Hanyu Pinyin Huángpǔ

About this sound Huangpu  (formerly transcribed as Whampoa) is one of the ten districts in Guangzhou, Guangdong province, People's Republic of China. On 12 February 2014, Luogang District was dissolved by the central government of China, and its original territory is now under the jurisdiction of Huangpu District.[1]

Administrative divisions[edit]

Name Chinese (S) Hanyu Pinyin Canton Romanization
Dasha Subdistrict 大沙街道 Dàshā Jiēdào dai6 sa1 gai1 dou6
Huangpu Subdistrict 黄埔街道 Huángbù Jiēdào wong4 bou3 gai1 dou6
Hongshan Subdistrict 红山街道 Hóngshān Jiēdào hung4 san1 gai1 dou6
Yuzhu Subdistrict 鱼珠街道 Yúzhū Jiēdào jyu4 zyu1 gai1 dou6
Wenchong Subdistrict 文冲街道 Wénchōng Jiēdào men4 cung1 gai1 dou6
Nangang Subdistrict 南岗街道 Nángǎng Jiēdào nam4 gong1 gai1 dou6
Changzhou Subdistrict 长洲街道 Chángzhōu Jiēdào cêng4 zeo1 gai1 dou6
Suidong Subdistrict 穗东街道 Suìdōng Jiēdào sêu6 dung1 gai1 dou6
Lilian Subdistrict 荔联街道 Lìlián Jiēdào lei6 lün4 gai1 dou6
Luogang Subdistrict 萝岗街道 Luógǎng Jiēdào lo4 gong1 gai1 dou6
Xiagang Subdistrict 夏港街道 Xiàgǎng Jiēdào ha6 gong2 gai1 dou6
Dongqu 东区街道 Dōngqū Jiēdào dung1 kêu1 gai1 dou6
Lianhe Subdistrict 联和街道 Liánhé Jiēdào lün4 wo4 gai1 dou6
Yonghe Subdistrict 永和街道 Yǒnghé Jiēdào wing5 wo4 gai1 dou6
Jiulong Town 九龙镇 Jiǔlóng Zhèn geo2 lung4 zen3


Huangpu was the dock area and waterfront for many European cargo vessels trading with China in the 18th century, such as those associated with the Maritime Fur Trade and Old China Trade. During the First Opium War, the Battle of Whampoa was fought between British and Chinese forces on 2 March 1841. The Whampoa Military Academy was founded in 1924.


Huangpu district is one of the developed, and developing, industrial districts in Guangzhou. As such, this district has many factories and wharves. It also has some hotels mainly frequented by business people. These hotels are particularly busy during the Canton Fair.



Huangpu is currently service by one metro line operated by Guangzhou Metro:

Currently one metro line is under construction by Guangzhou Metro:

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