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Hubert Burda Media
Holding Limited Partnership
Industry Media
Online services
Founded Offenburg, 1903
Founder Franz Burda I
Headquarters Offenburg, Germany
Number of locations
Revenue 2.61 billion EUR (2013)
Owner Hubert Burda
Number of employees
more than 10.000

Hubert Burda Media (often abbreviated as simply "Burda") is a German privately held, family-owned global media company with its origins in printing and magazine publishing. It is among Europe's largest publishers and leading consumer-internet companies. Burda is headquartered in Offenburg and Munich and employs more than 10,000 people globally. Since 2010, Paul-Bernhard Kallen has been serving as the company's CEO.


Hubert Burda Media is one of Germany’s largest media companies. It is a true global player that boasts international renown.

Hubert Burda, who has been working for the company since the 1960s, took over its reins following the death of his father in 1986. At that time, the company’s core business comprised 15 periodicals and various print shops. Thanks to a keen business sense and great potential for innovation, under his leadership the company has since broken through a series of milestones in the history of the German media. The emergence of Super Illu as the most popular sales magazine in eastern Germany, the launch of Focus, a news magazine with a practical slant, and the development of the innovative Lisa brand are just a few examples of successful media concepts devised at Burda and which have proven their worth on the market.

The success story of Hubert Burda Media owes its humble beginnings to a three-man printing works located in the town of Offenburg in the region of Baden and run by Franz Burda, printing and publishing the very first articles of the written press back in the era of Kaiser Wilhelm II. His son, Senator Franz Burda I, then took on the baton, expanding the business with a great deal of entrepreneurial nous and publishing talent. His watchwords were diligence, optimism, the courage to take risks and trust in intuition. Combined, of course, with just the right dose of luck for good measure.

With the senator at the helm, classical periodicals such as Bunte, Das Haus, Freundin (magazine), Meine Familie & Ich, Mein Schöner Garten and Freizeit Revue came to the fore. And the launch of the Bambi Award brought some of the glamour of Hollywood to Germany.

In parallel, Aenne Burda, the senator’s wife, once described by Lothar Späth as “Germany’s secret fashion queen”, built up the world’s largest fashion publishing house, riding on the success of the publication Burda Moden. Today, the fashion classic Burda Style is published in 17 languages in 99 different countries across the globe.


Hubert Burda Media (hereafter also referred to as “Burda”) is an internationally operating media company with brands and products that are oriented to the needs of consumers. With about 440 printed and digital media products, Hubert Burda Media is either striving for or already holding a leading market position in various markets. Major sources of Group revenue are advertising, sales via individual sales and subscriptions, commissions, trade, and services for business customers. Burda considers itself an “enterprise for entrepreneurs” and is organized with a profit center structure. At the end of the past fiscal year, the consolidation group included a total of 234 independently operating companies, 149 of which were in Germany and 85 abroad. At the end of the fiscal year, 10,017 individuals were employed in the Group. Hubert Burda Media is divided into four operational divisions: Digital, Domestic Publishing, Foreign Publishing and Printing.

Domestic publishing[edit]

Hubert Burda Media publishes around 90 magazines in its German home market (2013). The portfolio ranges from women, fashion and entertainment (Burda Style, Bunte, InStyle, Freundin, Lisa), news, men and lifestyle (FOCUS, Super Illu, TV Spielfilm, Playboy), food and living (Mein Schöner Garten, Meine Familie & Ich, Das Haus) to consumer technology (CHIP).

The company's central advertising sales organization, Burda Community Network (BCN), continues to be market leader in the consumer magazine advertising market. At present, this portfolio of print products reaches 79.1 percent of the German population over 14 years of age.

International publishing[edit]

Hubert Burda Media is one of the largest media companies in Germany. As a global player with numerous subsidiaries and international brands, Hubert Burda Media operates on a global level.

Burda is on a course of expansion, extending its activities through acquisitions (print and online) at the current locations and in other strategic markets as well as through strong organic growth in the existing international locations.

BurdaInternational operates in 18 markets and at present publishes more than 300 magazines and a large number of online media products. BurdaInternational is a leader in Central and Eastern Europe with numerous titles from the most diverse segments, and in Asia has developed a comprehensive portfolio focusing on the luxury segment. Burda is rapidly expanding its activities in both regions. More than 2,400 men and women work for BurdaInternational.

The main features of BurdaInternational are strong brands and innovative 360-degree products. These include innovative online projects such as the Polish fashion portal Showroom.


Stefan Winners, Member of the Executive Board of Hubert Burda Media Holding, is responsible for the Digital division. In the Executive Board’s Digital division Hubert Burda Media bundles successful growth companies and brands with focuses on transactions and marketing. The online business generates half of the Hubert Burda Media Group’s turnover.

In the Executive Board’s division, under its umbrella Burda Digital Holding consolidates successful online companies like XING, the leading business network in Germany and Europe, Chip Xonio Online GmbH (CXO), the leading German media company in consumer technology, through its majority shareholding in the listed company Tomorrow Focus AG the hotel rating and travel booking portal HolidayCheck, the premium dating agency portal Elitepartner, one of the leading news and value-in-use portals Focus Online, and the marketing company Tomorrow Focus Media.

In 2013, altogether the Burda online shareholdings achieved total sales of 1.401 billion euros. Burda Digital Holding is run by Stefan Winners. Burda Digital Holding is thus one of the leading European Internet companies with a media company connection.

The Executive Board’s Digital division also includes the full-service provider BurdaDirect, which assists its clients with the strategic, procedural and technological challenges of their online and offline business models.

DLD is the international conference and innovation platform of Hubert Burda Media. DLD Media organises Europe’s leading digital conference the DLD Conference and the women’s conference DLDwomen as well as international network events.

DLD Ventures holds shares in companies in the business-to-consumer market that have synergies with the existing portfolio. DLD Ventures’ aim is to identify and develop new, successful online business models.


The Hubert Burda Media multimedia group grew out of the original printing works located in Offenburg.

Extensive investments and effective cost management strategies ensure that Hubert Burda remains competitive on the European printing market.

Today, BurdaPrinting is one of Europe’s most experienced and efficient gravure printing companies. Offering guarantees of quality, rapidity and reliability, BurdaPrinting has convinced a host of external clients in the mail order, tourism and general commercial sectors to have their catalogues and advertising materials produced in Offenburg, Vieux-Thann or New Delhi.

Public events and corporate philanthropy[edit]

Major events organized by Hubert Burda Media include Bambi, the international media and TV awards, and the annual DLD Conference (Digital Life Design).

The not-for-profit Hubert Burda Foundation, created in 1999, oversees all of the company’s charitable and scientific activities. The foundation oversees three main organizations:

  1. The Felix Burda Foundation, established in 2001. Its aim is to reduce the number of new cases of intestinal cancer diagnosed in Germany each year through awareness campaigns.
  2. The Burda Academy for the Third Millennium has been in existence since 1994. This academy organises the lecture programme “The Iconic Turn – new world imagery” and various other conferences on scientific developments for the future.

Prizes in literature[edit]

The annual Herman Lenz Award, established in 1999, replacing the Petrarca Prize, founded in 1975. It is an annual meeting for young poets and writers focusing on German literature and authors. The Hubert Burda Prize for new eastern European literature is intended to seek out, support and promote young poets from eastern Europe.

The Centre for Innovative Communications, at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev in Beersheba, Israel, created in 1999, also falls under the aegis of the Hubert Burda Foundation.


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