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Origin New York City, United States
Genres Pop
Years active 2003-2008
Website Official Website
Official Myspace
Past members Angel Sparks (Brittney Segal)
Alberta Longhorn (Rebecca Kay)
Groovy Tuesday (Jordan Price)
PJ Bardot (Brooke Mori)
Joey Thunders (Lindsay Nyman)
Twiggy Stardom (Brittany Lahm)

Huckapoo was an American pop girl group. Its members each portray a character from a different social group typically found on any high school campus. Twiggy Stardom, a preppy cheerleader, by Brittany Lahm; Groovy Tuesday, a flower child hippie, by Jordan Price; P.J. Bardot, a hip-hop princess, by Brooke Mori; and Joey Thunders, a punk, by Lindsay Nyman. The ex-member was Angel Sparks, a biker, played by Brittney Segal.

The group was formed late in 2003 by Brian Lukow (creator of Dream Street) after auditioning hundreds of girls. They did not release an album, but have had their songs featured on several Disney albums. Their song "Perfectly" is on the Disney original movie soundtrack for Pixel Perfect.

In April 2006, Brittney Segal (Angel Sparks) decided to leave Huckapoo. Their songs were featured in the film Doubting Thomas, along with their own version of "Macho Man".

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