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Hudson-Sharp Machine Co.
Industry Converting and Flexible Packaging
Founded 1910
Headquarters Green Bay, Wisconsin, USA

Hudson-Sharp Machine Company is active in the design and manufacture of plastic bag making machinery, pouch making equipment, and reclosable packaging solutions.

Company Profile[edit]

The Hudson-Sharp Machine Company is involved in the design and manufacture of plastic bag making machinery, pouch making equipment, and reclosable packaging solutions. With manufacturing and sales throughout the world, Hudson-Sharp has been in business for over 100 years. A partial list of product categories include:

  • Wicketers
  • Pouch
  • Pour & Lok
  • Flat Belt
  • Continuous Motion
  • Bottomseal
  • Attachments & Accessories


A small machine shop began operation along the East River in what is now the city of Green Bay, WI, USA. The company repaired steamboats and manufacturing parts for sawmill machinery.

David Hudson & Alexander Sharp took over the small shop and expanded the company into developing equipment for paper mills, winders for toilet tissue, and produced high-speed folders for tissue and napkins.

Hudson-Sharp began manufacturing printing presses and manufactured the first central impression aniline press built in the United States.

S.J. Campbell purchased the Hudson-Sharp Machine Company and conceived, designed, and patented the Campbell Wrapper, the world's first horizontal form, fill, and seal machine. Variations of the Campbell Wrapper are still used today throughout the world in wrapping candy, cheese, bakery products, and other various items.

FMC Corporation acquired Hudson-Sharp as a part of the Packaging Machinery Division with divisional headquarters in Horsham, PA. Over the next decade, the company continued to grow by introducing several innovative packaging machinery lines. The first sideweld bag machine produced was nicknamed the "Flyswatter". Also the first wicket stacker machine was developed.

Besides innovations, Hudson-Sharp introduced their products into new regions around the globe, specifically the Australia/Asia region. Those regions are still supported to this day.

Support began in European markets as operations began in Aalst, Belgium. The Aalst facility was responsible for the sales and service of plastic bag converting equipment, the manufacture of machinery for cardboard and plastic set up boxes, horizontal packaging machinery, and paper tissue machines.

Wicketer development continues and Servo technology was introduced.

High-speed rotary sidewld machine for the production of large trash bags were introduced.

Plastic grocery bag line introduced.

First commercially produced servo-driven wicketer introduced.

Hudson-Sharp introduces INNO-LOK pre-zippered film reclosable packaging.

Divestiture from FMC, becomes The Hudson-Sharp Machine Company once again.

Hot melt glue patch handle line introduced.

Hudson-Sharp acquires Amplas and expands product offering of bottomseal technology.

Side Gusset Bottom Seal Pouch Machine with patented Inno-Lok transverse direction zipper applicator introduced.

NTR800 Roll to Roll Machine introduced.

Hudson-Sharp introduces new generation servo pouch machinery.

New packaging design introduced called, Pour & Lok, it is a side gusseted, pour spout packaging application for pre-zippered roll stock.

Hudson-Sharp is acquired by Thiele Technologies, part of the family of Barry-Wehmiller Companies. Thiele Technologies acquires certain assets of RO-AN through a secured third party sales transaction.

100 year anniversary of the Hudson-Sharp Machine Company.

2011 and Beyond
The Hudson-Sharp Machine Company continues to be involved in the design and manufacture of plastic bag making machinery, pouch making equipment, and reclosable packaging solutions.


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