Hugh II, Duke of Burgundy

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Seal of Hugh II of Burgundy
Seal of Hugh II of Burgundy

Hugh II of Burgundy (1084 – c. 6 February 1143) was duke of Burgundy between 1103 and 1143. Hugh was son of Odo I, Duke of Burgundy.

Marriage and issue[edit]

He married, in about 1115, Felicia-Matilda of Mayenne, daughter of Gauthier, Count of Mayenne and Adelina de Presles.

They had the following:

  • Aigeline of Burgundy (b.1116), married Hugh I, Count of Vaudemont
  • Clemence of Burgundy (b.1117), married Hervé III of Donzy
  • Odo II, Duke of Burgundy, (1118–1162) who succeeded his father
  • Gauthier, Archbishop of Besançon (1120–1180)
  • Hugh le Roux (1121–1171)
  • Robert, Bishop of Autun (1122–1140)
  • Henry, Bishop of Autun (1124–1170)
  • Raymond, Count of Grignon (1125–1156)
  • Sibylla of Burgundy (1126–1150), married Roger II of Sicily[1]
  • Ducissa (b.1128), married Raymond de Grancy
  • Matilda of Burgundy (1130–1159), married William VII of Montpellier
  • Aremburge (b.1132), Nun



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Preceded by
Odo I
Duke of Burgundy
Succeeded by
Odo II