Hugh III, Count of Burgundy

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Hugh III of Châlon
Count of Burgundy, jure uxoris
Hugh III, Count of Burgundy.jpg
Seal of Hugh III of Burgundy
Spouse(s) Adelaide I of Burgundy
Noble family House of Châlon-Arlay
Father John, Count of Chalon
Mother Mahaud of Burgundy
Born 1220
Died 1266 (aged 45–46)

Hugh III of Chalon, Count of Burgundy (1220–1266), also known as Hugues de Bourgogne, or Hugo of Salins was Count of Burgundy jure uxoris by his marriage to countess Adelaide I of Burgundy, on 1 November 1236, when he was aged 16. He was the son of John, Count of Chalon and his first wife, Mahaud (or Mahaut) of Burgundy.

He and Adelaide had the following children:

  • Otto IV, Count of Burgundy (born 1248)
  • Hugh (fl. 1312), Lord of Montbrison and Aspremont
  • Étienne (died 1299)
  • Reginald of Burgundy (died 1322), Count of Montbéliard by his marriage to Guillemette of Neufchâtel
  • Henri
  • Jean (died 1302), Lord of Montaigu
  • Alix, nun at Fontevraud Abbey
  • Elisabeth (died 1275), married Count Hartmann V de Kibourg
  • Hippolyte, Lady of Saint-Vallier, married Count Aymar IV of Poitiers and Diois
  • Guyonne of Burgundy (died 1316), married Thomas III of Piedmont
  • Marguerite, nun at Fontevraud Abbey
  • Agnès, Lady of Saint-Aubin, married Count Philippe II de Vienne, Lord of Pagny

Hugh III's wife remarried to Philip I, Count of Savoy a year after his death and she was succeeded as count by Otto, one of her children by Hugh.