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Hugh McGregor Ross
Hugh McGregor Ross, 88 years of age when the photo was taken in January 2006, with a copy of the 1987 Draft Proposal for ISO/IEC 10646
Born Hugh McGregor Ross
(1917-08-31)31 August 1917
Nairobi, British East Africa
Died 1 September 2014(2014-09-01) (aged 97)
Painswick, Gloucestershire, England
Nationality British
Occupation computer scientist
Known for early work as a computer pioneer, standardization of ASCII

Hugh McGregor Ross (31 August 1917 – 1 September 2014)[1] was an early pioneer in the history of British computing.[2][3][4] He was employed by Ferranti from the mid-1960s, where he worked on the Pegasus thermionic valve computer.[5] He was involved in the standardization of ASCII and ISO 646 and worked closely with Bob Bemer.[6] ASCII was first known in Europe as the Bemer-Ross Code.[7] He was also one of the three main designers of ISO 6937, with Peter Fenwick and Loek Zeckendorf. He was one of the principal architects of the Universal Character Set ISO/IEC 10646 when it was first conceived.

Hugh was an expert in the Gospel of Thomas and wrote several books about it. He was a Quaker, and also wrote about George Fox. His working papers on the teachings of Fox are held at Yorkshire Quaker Heritage Project.[8]

Books by Hugh McGregor Ross[edit]

  • Hugh McGregor, Ross; and Colleagues (2012), Pegasus: The Early Seminal Computer, Authors Online Ltd, ISBN 978-0755214822 
  • George Fox Speaks for Himself: Texts that reveal his personality—many hitherto unpublished. York: William Sessions, 1991. ISBN 1-85072-081-9
  • Говорит сам Джордж Фокс: тексты, раскрывающие его личнотсь (многие публикыуются впервые). Отобрано, отредактировано и представлено Хью Мак-Грегором Россом. Ленинград: [s.n.]. ISBN 5-94067-018-0
  • The Gospel of Thomas: newly presented to bring out the meaning, with introductions paraphrases and notes. Colchester: The Millrind Press, 1997. ISBN 1-902194-02-0. Second edition Element Books, ISBN 1-84293-036-2. First edition York: Ebor Press, ISBN 1-85072-019-3
  • Jesus untouched by the Church: His Teachings in the Gospel of Thomas. Calligraphy by John Blamires. York: William Sessions Limited, 1998. ISBN 1-85072-213-7
  • Thirty Essays on the Gospel of Thomas. Cathair na Mart: Evertype, 2008. ISBN 1-904808-12-1. 4th edition Watkins Publishing. ISBN 1-84293-135-0
  • George Fox: A Christian mystic. Cathair na Mart: Evertype, 2008. ISBN 1-904808-17-6


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