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Hugo franchise logo.gif
Genres Various
Developers Silverrock Productions / ITE, Laguna Video Games, Kiloo ApS, Progressive Media, Hugo Games
Publishers Silverrock Productions / ITE, Namco, Egmont Interactive, Electronic Arts, Namco, Kiloo ApS, Krea Medie
Creators Ivan Sølvason and Niels Krogh Mortense
Platforms Commodore 64, Amiga, DOS, Microsoft Windows, Game Boy, Game Boy Color, Game Boy Advance, PlayStation, PlayStation 2, Mobile, Android
Platform of origin Interactive television
First release Skærmtrolden Hugo
Latest release Hugo World
Official website

The media franchise Hugo includes numerous video games based on or inspired by the interactive television game show of the same name. The series of more than 30 games, including spin-offs, sold over 10 million copies[1] for the Amiga, Commodore 64, PC, PlayStation, PlayStation 2, Game Boy, and mobile game systems. Most of the titles are platform games or minigame sets, but there are also some educational games. There were also various editions and compilations of the titles. In 2005, Hugo was rebranded as Agent Hugo for a new series of games.

Original Hugo series[edit]

Main article: Hugo (video game)

Agent Hugo series[edit]

Agent Hugo is a series of 3D action games by ITE Media that was a reboot of the Hugo franchise. The original game was released in 2005, only in Europe. It was followed by Agent Hugo: Roborumble in 2006, Agent Hugo - Lemoon Twist in 2007, and Agent Hugo: Hula Holiday in 2008.

Title Details
Agent Hugo

Original release date:[2]
  • EU October 2005
Release years by system:
2005 – Windows, PlayStation 2[2][3][4]
  • Developed and published by ITE Media.[2]
  • It was planned to also be released on the GameCube, but was canceled.[5]

Agent Hugo: Roborumble

Original release dates:[6]
  • EU October 6, 2006
  • EU April 2, 2007
Release years by system:
2006 – Windows, PlayStation 2, Mobile[6]
2007 – Game Boy Advance[7]
  • Developed by ITE Media for the PlayStation 2 and by Program-Ace for the Game Boy Advance. Published on both platforms by ITE Media.[6][7]

Agent Hugo: Lemoon Twist

Original release dates:[8]
  • EU November 5, 2007
  • EU May 29, 2008
Release years by system:
2007 – Windows, PlayStation 2[8]
2008 – Wii[9]
  • Developed by Coyote Console and published by ITE Media.[8][9]

Agent Hugo: Hula Holiday

Original release date:[10]
  • EU December 6, 2008
Release years by system:
2008 – Windows, PlayStation 2, Wii[10][11]
  • Developed and published by NDS Software.[10][11]

Other ITE titles[edit]

Hugo: Wintergames[edit]

Hugo: Wintergames was produced between 1997 and 1999 by ITE Media for the PC. In each of them, Hugo must save Santa Claus from being imprisoned in Scylla's castle, foiling her plots to ruin Christmas for the children everywhere.

Jungle Island series[edit]

Main article: Hugo: Jungle Island

Scylla's Revenge[edit]

In this 1999 PC game, the evil witch Scylla has frozen Santa Claus and all the elves in ice blocks. They are now in danger of freezing inside unless Hugo can save them.[12]

Hugo in the Hut[edit]

A 2000 game for the PC.[13]

Hugo: Quest for the Sunstones[edit]

Hugo: Black Diamond Fever[edit]

Hugo: The Bewitched Rollercoaster[edit]

In this 2001 PC game, Scylla destroys the electrical power source at the amusement park in an attempt to spoil Hugo's children's good time. Hugo's son Rat and the fly Buzzy embark on a quest to find the items that would enable them to repair the rollercoaster.

Hugo: The Secrets of the Forest[edit]

In this 2002 PC game, Scylla transforms a class of bunny children into stone while she searches the woods for a rare mushroom that she needs for her magic spells. Using a scroll that Scylla dropped, Hugo's daughter Ruth needs to collect ingredients to create an antidote to the evil enchantment.

Hugo: The Forces of Nature[edit]

Hugo: The Forces of Nature is an educational game published by ITE Media on October 4, 2002, for the PC. In this game, an outbreak of magic caused natural disasters to struck the island where the Kikurians live. It is up to Hugo to stand up against the forces of nature and, in the end, to battle Scylla as well.

Hugo in Space[edit]

In this 2002 PC game, Scylla and her minions travel to space in search of an asteroid located on the other side of Pluto. Its core of which is composed entirely of the rare black diamonds that would make her infinitely more powerful and turn all the creatures of troll forest into her slaves. Hugo, who is also vacationing with his family in space at the time, once again sets out to thwart her plan.

Hugo: The Evil Mirror[edit]

Main article: Hugo: The Evil Mirror

Hugo Frog Fighter[edit]

A 2002 game for the PlayStation, similar to an advanced version of Frogger.

Hugo: Smakkaball[edit]

Hugo: Smakkaball was released for the PC on September 30, 2003. Together with his family, his friends, and even his sworn enemies, Hugo takes part in a Smakkaball sport tournament.

Hugo: Bukkazoom![edit]

Hugo: Bukkazoom! was developed by ITE Media and published by Namco on October 31, 2003, for the Game Boy Advance. In this game, Hugo and his family and friends, and their enemies as well, take part in a race.

Hugo: Cannon Cruise[edit]

Main article: Hugo: Cannon Cruise

Hugo: Penguin Battle[edit]

Hugo: Penguin Battle was developed and published by ITE Media in 2006 for the PC. In this game, Scylla forms an army of evil penguins and freezes the entire land. It is up to Hugo in his "hugocopter" to melt the ice and restore it, and to stop the witch once again.

Krea Medie/Hugo Games titles[edit]

Hugo: Magic in the Troll Woods[edit]

A platform game released in 2009 for the PS2, Wii and NDS.

Hugo Retro Mania[edit]

Main article: Hugo Retro Mania

Hugo Troll Race[edit]

Main article: Hugo Troll Race

Hugo World[edit]

A social management game.[14] The game is set in a traditional Hugo universe and characters such as Hugo's wife Hugolina and their children return along with Scylla and her henchman Don Croco.

Hugo Troll Wars[edit]

An online tower defense type game for a variety of platforms, including Kindle, Android, iOS, Windows and Facebook. The game is set in alternate Hugo universe, where the players take role of a general for either Hugo, the King of Trolls, or Scylla, the evil Queen of Witches.[15]


Five new Hugo games, including Hugo Troll Race 2, were announced in 2014.[16]


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