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Hugo Diemer (1870-1937) was an American engineer, management consultant, and professor at the Penn State University, who in 1910 published the first industrial engineering textbook: Factory Organization and Administration.

Born and raised in Cincinnati, Diemer started working and after several years studied engineering at the Ohio State University, graduating in 1896. In the next four years he was production engineer and production manager with the Bullock Engineering and Manufacturing Company and with Westinghouse Electric and Manufacturing Company.[1][2] In 1900 he started his academic career as assistant professor of mechanical engineering at the Michigan State College, and continued at various universities and educational institutions[3] In 1909 he established the first course in industrial engineering at Penn State University,[4] where he was recommended by Frederick Winslow Taylor.


Diemer published many books on a range of management subjects, a selection:

  • 1909. Automobiles; a practical treatise on the construction, 1912
  • 1910. Factory organization and administration. 1915, 1921, 1923, 1935, 1974, 1979
  • 1921. Good place to work
  • 1921. Leadership; the third work manual of the Modern foremanship course, being the expression of practical foremen, assembled, organized
  • 1921. Cost control in the shop
  • 1921. Wages and incentives; the eleventh work manual, Modern foremanship and production methods; the tested experience of practical production men, assembled, organized,
  • 1921. What is production, and why? The twelfth work manual, Modern foremanship and production methods; the tested experience of practical production men.. 1940
  • 1923. Standardization and Scientific Management
  • 1927. Foremanship Training
  • 1930. How to set up production control for greater profits, edited by Hugo Diemer.
  • 1938. Flow of work; manual 6, Modern foremanship and production methods; the tested experience of production men, assembled, organized, and edited by Hugo Diemer, Meyer Bloomfield and Daniel Bloomfield. 1941
  • 1941. Foreman and the law


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