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Hugon Hanke (1904 – December 19, 1964) was a Polish politician, best known for being a Prime Minister of the Republic of Poland in Exile (in 1955) and his unexcepted return to the communist-ruled country while serving as PM.

He was involved in politics during time of Second Polish Republic before World War II. He was an active member of the Christian Workers Union (Chrześcijańskie Związki Zawodowe) and of the Labour Party (Stronnictwo Pracy) in Silesia.

During the war he served as soldier in the Polish army in west.

After Prime Minister in Exile Stanisław Mackiewicz fled to country, Hanke was named as his successor by President August Zaleski and served from August 8 to September 10, 1955.

Like his predecessor, he left London and fled to Poland.

According to many documents, he was, before return to country, a secret agent of communist intelligence for over three years.

Hugon Hanke Government (August 8 - September 10, 1955)[edit]

Preceded by
Stanisław Mackiewicz
Prime Minister of the Republic of Poland in Exile
Succeeded by
Antoni Pająk