Hui Lau Shan

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The chain's first shop at Yuen Long
A Hui Lau Shan shop in Tsim Sha Tsui
A mango platter including nuomici.

Hui Lau Shan (Chinese: 許留山; pinyin: Xǔliú Shān) is a chain of dessert shops based in Hong Kong, specializing in dessert soups called tong sui, snacks and desserts. Hui Lau Shan is known for its prominent use of mango in its entrees.

The chain's first shop opened in Yuen Long, New Territories in the 1960s as an herbal outlet, and was known for its turtle jelly (龜苓膏) and herbal teas (涼茶).[1] The chain has since diversified and now emphasizes its fruit desserts and snacks.[1]

Since the 1990s, the chain has expanded tremendously, with outlets in mainland China, Malaysia, and the United States.


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