Hukou, Hsinchu

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Coordinates: 24°54′N 121°03′E / 24.900°N 121.050°E / 24.900; 121.050

Hukou Township in Hsinchu County
Hukou Township

Hukou Township (Chinese: 湖口鄉; pinyin: Húkǒu Xiāng) is a rural township of Hsinchu County in northern Taiwan. With an area of 58.43 km², it is the third largest township in the county. Hukou has a population of 77,210.

The Hukou army base houses the 542nd Armour Brigade of the 6th Army Corps, Republic of China Army.

Administrative divisions[edit]

  • Hexing Village
  • Tungxing Village
  • Decheng Village
  • Aishi Village
  • Renshi Village
  • Xiaoshi Village
  • Zhongshi Village
  • Zhongzheng Village
  • Xinshi Village
  • Xinyi Village
  • Boluo Village
  • Zhangling Village
  • Zhangan Village
  • Hukou Village
  • Hujing Village
  • Hunan Village
  • Zhongxing Village
  • Fenghuang Village
  • Shengli Village
  • Fengshan Village[1]

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