Humac tablet

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Humac tablet

Humac tablet (Humačka ploča) is one of the oldest literacy monuments from Bosnia and Herzegovina, dated to the 10th/11th century. It is found in the village of Humac near Ljubuški in Herzegovina, containing an inscription in Bosnian Cyrillic script, as well as a few Glagolitic letters. Today it is kept in the museum of the Franciscan monastery in Humac.

The text of the tablet tells about the act of raising a church of the Saint Michael by Uskrsmir (Krešimir) and his wife Pavica. The tablet is quadrangle in shape (68x60x15 cm), and the inscription is carved in form of a quadrangle in Bosnian Cyrillic[citation needed] among which five Glagolitic letters occur. Transliteration and the interpretation of the text differs among Slavic medievalists and paleographers[citation needed].


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