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"Human Is" is a science fiction short story by Philip K. Dick. It was first published in Startling Stories, Winter 1955. The plot centers on the crisis facing a woman whose cold and emotionally abusive husband returns from a survey mission to the dying planet Rexor IV, changed for the better—his psyche was replaced by a Rexorian, glad to have escaped the confines of its dying planet.

This story includes foreshadowing, when Jill states that Lester will never change, and then he comes back from Rexor IV changed, polite and loving. One of the things that surprises Jill, is that Lester is willing to play with Gus, (a little boy who Jill adores), and that Lester started to be a caring husband that she never had. According to Jill, Lester even started to be “romantic, and he always said that it was irrational”.