Human Rights Without Frontiers

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Human Rights Without Frontiers (HRWF) is a non-profit organization based out of Brussels, Belgium, that promotes human rights around the world. It has offices in Belgium, Nepal, and China.


The organization begin in 1988 as an unofficial group named Bruxelles-Droits de l'Homme (English: Brussels-Human Rights, German: Brüssel-Menschenrechte). This group, which was officially registered with the Belgian government in 1989, published a human rights watch newspaper in French entitled Droits de l'homme sans frontières.

In 1992 the group began leading independent investigations into situations that it considered human rights violations. Its first official investigation was in Greece, reporting on two issues: conscientious objection and members of non-Orthodox religions.

In 1997 the organization renamed itself to the title of its magazine, Droits de l'homme sans frontières, or Human Rights Without Frontiers.

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