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For the 2005 record by the artist BT, see Human Technology EP.

Human Technology is an open-access, on-line, international scholarly semiannual journal edited by the Agora Center of the University of Jyväskylä, Finland since 2005.

The founding Editor-in-Chief is Pertti Saariluoma,[1] University of Jyväskylä; the current editor in chief is Päivi Häkkinen, University of Jyväskylä. Many issues are led by a guest editor.


Its aim is to explore current topics regarding the interaction between people and technology. Peer-reviewed articles in the journal are intended to address the issues and challenges surrounding the role of human interaction with ICT in all areas of society. The journal seeks to edit interdisciplinary research about how applied technology can affect human existence or how it can, for instance, foster personal development and professional competencies changes, and how it can enhance innovation, e-learning, socio-technical evolutions and communication.

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Human Technology is listed in the Directory of Open Access Journals (Lund University Libraries),[9] and is cited and/or abstracted in various databases, including: PsycINFO(American Psychological Association).[10]

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