Humber River Regional Hospital

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Humber River Regional Hospital
Location Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Care system Public Medicare (Canada)
Hospital type District General
Affiliated university Queen's University
Emergency department Yes
Beds 600
Founded 1997
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Humber River Regional Hospital is a hospital network in Toronto, Ontario. It operates three hospitals located in the districts of North York and York: York-Finch campus (43°45′15″N 79°31′35″W / 43.75417°N 79.52639°W / 43.75417; -79.52639) — formerly York-Finch Hospital, Church Street campus (43°42′34″N 79°30′36″W / 43.70944°N 79.51000°W / 43.70944; -79.51000Coordinates: 43°42′34″N 79°30′36″W / 43.70944°N 79.51000°W / 43.70944; -79.51000) — formerly Humber Memorial Hospital, and Keele Street campus (43°41′51″N 79°28′27″W / 43.69750°N 79.47417°W / 43.69750; -79.47417) — formerly Northwestern Hospital.

In 2011, the hospital broke ground on a $1.75 Billion new facility near the intersection of Keele and Highway 401. This new facility will be "North America's first fully digital hospital".[1] The new hospital will be affiliated with the medical school at Queen's University.[2]

Notable births at Humber hospitals[edit]

  • Doug Ford, Jr., Toronto City Councillor, born at Humber Memorial (Church site) on November 20, 1964.
  • George Smitherman, politician and broadcaster, born at Humber Memorial (Church site) on February 12, 1964.