Humboldt State University Marching Lumberjacks

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Marching Lumberjacks
Columbus Day Italian Heritage Parade in SF North Beach 2011 05.jpg
Marching Lumberjacks at Columbus Day Italian Heritage Parade in SF North Beach 2011
Background information

The Marching Lumberjacks are the official student run marching band of Humboldt State University. The band, also known as the "Banned" performs in the scatter band style often associated with Ivy League schools, using humorous routines and scripts during its half-time field shows in Redwood Bowl.


The band plays at numerous campus and community events, marches in parades across California, Oregon and Washington, aids in student recruiting, and performs at home football and basketball games. Its traditional uniform consists of a yellow aluminum logger's hardhat, suspenders, a yellow t-shirt, green work pants, and boots.

The Band's Introduction[edit]

Ladies and gentlemen
Boys and Girls
Republicans and Democrats
Libertarians and Greens...
The Associated Students of Humboldt State
Are unable to prevent your world famous
Humboldt State University Marching Lumberjacks!

Appearances in Media[edit]

The group was depicted marching into the Pacific Ocean in a photograph in the July 1993 National Geographic magazine. Members of the band were cast to portray a high school band in the 2001 feature film The Majestic with Jim Carrey, filmed in Ferndale, California. The band was also featured in a New York Times article about the football experience at Humboldt State.[1]

Fight song[edit]

Drive on Humboldt[edit]

Football version[edit]

Drive on Humboldt, on down the field;
Drive on Humboldt, we'll never yield!
Tackle 'em, Sock 'em, Back Field, Rock 'em
We are on the make! Rah Rah Rah!
We must have a victory;
for the green and gold!
For Humboldt State!

Basketball version[edit]

Drive on Humboldt, on down the floor;
Drive on Humboldt, show them the door;
Forward snuff them, Center stuff them;
We are on the make! RAH RAH RAH!
We must have a victory,
for the Green and Gold,
So fight, fight, fight and win
for Humboldt State![2]

Controversial drinking / parade version[edit]

Drive on Humboldt, on down the Street;
Drive on Humboldt, show off your feet;
Lefts confuse us, Rights confound us;
Keep on drinking beer! RAH RAH RAH!
We must have another brew,
before this one is through,
So drink, drink, drink and spew
for Humboldt State!


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