Hume Power Station

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Hume Power Station
Hume Power Station.JPG
Hume Power Station, 2011
Country Australia
Location Riverina, New South Wales
Coordinates 36°06′24″S 147°01′57″E / 36.1066°S 147.0326°E / -36.1066; 147.0326Coordinates: 36°06′24″S 147°01′57″E / 36.1066°S 147.0326°E / -36.1066; 147.0326
Status Operational
Commission date 1957
Construction cost A£2.1 million[1]
Owner(s) Green State Power
Operator(s) Green State Power
Pumped-storage power station
Upper reservoir Lake Hume
Upper res. capacity 3.0365 TL (2,461,700 acre·ft)
Power generation
Nameplate capacity 58 MW (78,000 hp)

Hume Power Station is a hydro-electric power station located at the Hume Dam on the Murray River, near Albury in the Riverina region of New South Wales, Australia. The Hume Power Station has two 29-megawatt (39,000 hp) turbines with a combined generating capacity of 58 MW (78,000 hp). The power station is operated by Eraring Energy and generated 52,742 MW (70,728,000 hp) of net energy production during 2009, used primarily for peak-load generation.[2]

Location and features[edit]

The power station was completed in 1957, running two 25 MW (34,000 hp) turbines. In 2000, these turbines were each upgraded to 29 MW (39,000 hp).[3][4]

In October 2012, a high voltage transformer at the power station caught fire, requiring more than fifty fire fighters who worked into the long hours of the night to put out the blaze.[5][6]

According to AEMO, the capacity is nil in NSW and 17 MW (23,000 hp) in Victoria (available only in summer), suggesting a low average production due to the lack of water in the river. (empty in 2007).[7]

The NSW Government releases daily information that the dam is currently (January 2010) releasing a sizable outflow which is used to generate power.


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