Hundhammerfjellet Wind Farm

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Windmills Hundhammarfjellet.jpg
Hundhammerfjellet Wind Farm is located in Norway
Hundhammerfjellet Wind Farm
Location of Hundhammerfjellet
Country Norway
Location Nærøy
Coordinates 64°45′39.43″N 11°23′9.44″E / 64.7609528°N 11.3859556°E / 64.7609528; 11.3859556Coordinates: 64°45′39.43″N 11°23′9.44″E / 64.7609528°N 11.3859556°E / 64.7609528; 11.3859556
Status Operational
Commission date December 2009
Owner(s) Nord-Trøndelag Elektrisitetsverk
Power generation
Units operational 17
Make and model Scanwind

Hundhammerfjellet Wind Farm is a wind farm located in Nærøy, Norway. It has 17 windmills with output between 1.66 and 3.5 MW, delivered from Norwegian manufacturer Scanwind (14 turbines, one more has been decommissioned), Vestas (one V66) and Enercon (one E-70 2.0 MW and one E-70 2.3 MW). The farm is owned by Nord-Trøndelag Elektrisitetsverk and has been completed in December 2009 with the installation of the ENERCON E-70 2.3 MW.