Hundred Waters

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Hundred Waters
Origin Gainesville, Florida, United States
Genres Indie rock, electronic, art rock, folk
Years active 2011–present
Labels OWSLA
Members Nicole Miglis
Trayer Tryon
Paul Giese
Zach Tetreault

Hundred Waters is an American indie band formed in Gainesville, Florida in October 2011. In March 2012, Hundred Waters released their debut album Hundred Waters with Gainesville based record label Elestial Sound. In August 2012, Hundred Waters became the first indie act to sign with Skrillex's OWSLA record label, which immediately released their first EP Thistle (Remixes), followed by a re-release of their full-length album Hundred Waters on September 25, 2012.[1] They have toured North America, Canada, and Europe with Alt-J, The xx, Julia Holter, and BRAIDS among other acts.

Band members[edit]

  • Paul Giese - electronics, guitars
  • Nicole Miglis - vocals, keys, flute
  • Zach Tetreault - drums, vocals
  • Trayer Tryon - electronics, guitars


Though Tryon, Tetreault and Giese knew each other and performed in various bands as early as grade school, the four members of what became Hundred Waters began playing together while attending the University of Florida with Miglis.[2]

The group’s members originally began writing and performing music together with frontman David Levesque’s band, Levek, another Gainesville act that previously made a national debut. After returning from an East Coast tour during Spring 2011, the group disbanded as Levesque took some time off to work on new material and the rest to focus on solo material. Miglis explains that "We were just sort of making our own music individually and unexpectedly started making songs together."[3]

Hundred Waters was formed in October 2011. At that time and for the remainder of their residency in Gainesville, the members lived in a house together - writing and completing what would become their self-titled debut.

In Spring 2012, the album passed hands from manager, Michael Feinberg to the Grammy award winning producer, Sonny Moore (Skrillex) and his manager and OWSLA record label partner, Tim Smith.[4] The band was then invited to take part in Skrillex's Full Flex Express Canadian Train Tour, which featured Skrillex, Diplo, Grimes, Pretty Lights, KOAN Sound, and Tokimonsta.[5] The band later signed a record deal with OWSLA in August 2012.[6]

Hundred Waters was named one of Stereogum's 40 Best New Bands of 2012.[7] The band was also the subject of a documentary shot by Potato.TV, featuring their final performance while on tour in support of The xx at the Greek Theater in Berkeley, California.[8]

The New York Times has described their live performance as “a watercolor wash of possibilities, a suspension of time, an embrace of textural experiment and open-ended expectations.” [9]


Tryon has said that the name Hundred Waters is an ode to the Austrian painter Friedensreich Hundertwasser. Hundertwasser’s life and works greatly affected the way the group approaches music and art, believing that listeners should provide their own interpretations of each.[2]

Overall, the group's musical influences range widely from 60's British art rock, to Norwegian jazz group, Jaga Jazzist and pianist, Arthur Rubinstein.[10] Hundred Waters own music has been compared to artists including: Björk, Four Tet, Braids, Animal Collective, and Dirty Projectors. Other influences the band has shared include Steve Reich, Radiohead, Mars Volta, and Joni Mitchell.[11] Though in a 2012 feature The Guardian remarked, “We would struggle with where to position it in a record store, and we imagine you might too.”[12]



Hundred Waters' eponymous debut album was originally released by Gainesville label, Elestial Sound Recordings on February 29, 2012.[13] After signing to OWSLA, Hundred Waters re-released the album on September 25, 2012, this time reaching a larger and more diverse audience.[14] It took about three months for the band to write the songs, another few weeks to record and the album art was also created by its members.[15]

However the band originally did not plan creating an album: "We actually had no intention of even making a record when creating the songs for Hundred Waters so it has truly been a wonderful surprise for it to have been so well received." Tetreault said.[16]

The album’s initial release on Elestial Sound was well-received by critics. Pitchfork gave it an 8.1/10 rating, writing "there's a commitment to unapologetic, real-time virtuosity, compositional refinement, and vision that cuts through the nonchalant clutter of their peers."[17] Other critics commented on its blending of folk and electronic music, prompting some to name the hybrid genre "folktronica".[17] The album debuted in the Top 50 on the CMJ 200 radio charts, resulting in a growing fanbase among college-aged listeners.

  • Hundred Waters LP (OWSLA, 2012)
  • The Moon Rang Like a Bell (OWSLA, 2014)


The EP for Thistle, released on August 21, 2012, features six remixes of the Hundred Waters track and was the first release under Skrillex's OWSLA label. The remixes were produced by Star Slinger, AraabMuzik, TOKiMONSTA, Lockah and Different Sleep and Troublemaker. Critical reception to for the EP was positive with one writing stating, "I am flipping' obsessed."[18]

The Boreal EP was released on March 26, 2013. The six tracks were reworked by producers Blood Diamonds, Mercedes, Brillz, Daedalus, Phantoms and Teebs.

  • Thistle (Remixes) EP (OWSLA, 2012)
  • Boreal (Remixes) EP (OWSLA, 2013)

Singles and music videos[edit]

Hundred Waters' Boreal, Hydrodictyon, Thistle, and Cavity have been produced as official music videos. Boreal, in which a child confronts terrifying creatures set to a woodsy background, was directed by Borscht Corp and released in 2013. Hydrodictyon, released in 2012 and premiering on, was shot while the band was on tour, and at the Santa Monica Pier and San Diego. Thistle, released in 2012, revolves around the life of a stop-motion horse and is directed by Martin Allais. Cavity, premiered in 2014 by NPR, uses practical lighting techniques to produce surreal effects and was directed by Michael Langan.[19]

The band also has released a seven inch white vinyl single with "Visitors" on its A side and "Caverns" on its B side, released through Small Plates Records in 2013.

  • Thistle (OWSLA, 2012)
  • Stadium Red Sessions, Visitor (7 inch) (Small Plates Records, 2013)
  • Hydrodictyon (video)
  • Boreal (video)
  • Thistle (video)
  • Cavity (video)

Touring history[edit]



  • Church of Holy Colors Mural Bus Tour, Spring Tour 2012 (with Levek)
  • Full Flex Express Train Tour (with Diplo, Pretty Lights, KOAN Sound, Grimes and Tokimonsta)
  • Julia Holter US Support Tour

Festival appearances[edit]



Festival appearances[edit]


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