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Hungama TV (English)
हंगामा टीवी (Hindi)
ஹங்காமா டிவி (Tamil)
హంగామా టివి (Telugu)
Hungama tv logo.jpg
Launched 2004
Owned by UTV Software Communications
Picture format 480i (SDTV)
Slogan Hungama Machaya Kya?
Country India
Broadcast area India
Headquarters Mumbai, India
Sister channel(s) Disney Channel India
Disney XD (India)
Disney Junior
Website Official Website

Hungama TV is a TV channel for kids in India based in Mumbai. Originally a subsidiary of UTV Software Communications launched in 2004, the channel was sold to Disney in 2006.[1] Ironically, Disney bought UTV in 2011. The channel helped to increase Disney's presence in India. Hungama is now an operating unit of Disney Channel Worldwide. It is aimed primarily at children and preteens (ages 4–14), available in three languages (Hindi, Tamil and Telugu).

Overview & Availability[edit]

Hungama TV's original 2004 logo, when it was under UTV Software Communications.

Hungama TV is a local kids' 16 hours Hindi Entertainment channel in India. It is available in Hindi, Tamil and Telugu language. Hungama TV is available in all major cable and all major satellite platforms in India.


Former Blocks[edit]

Ha Ha Hungama[edit]

This block used to air the episodes of Doraemon, Shin Chan and Kochikame in the afternoon time.


This block aired the episodes of Doraemon the whole day in Monday which made its name. It specified Doraemon's face at the center of Hungama TV's logo.


This block aired Shin-chan episodes the whole day every Friday which made its name. It specialized Shin-chan's face at the center of Hungama TV's logo.

Bheja-Friday was forced off the air in October 2008 due to a ban on the airing of Shin-Chan over controversy regarding highly inappropriate content within the show. The show, along with the Bheja-Friday block, albeit with heavy censorship, resumed on the 27th March 2009.

Current Blocks[edit]

Pokémon Blocks[edit]


This block aired the back to back episodes of Pokémon every Friday at 5 PM; its name was made by combining two words that is Pokémon and Marathon.


This block also aired the back to back episodes of Pokémon every Monday at 2 PM; it is literally PokéDay.

Golden Bhopu Awards[edit]

Hungama TV announced Golden Bhopu Awards for children to choose their favorite character and nominate. Nominations occurred normally during shows programmings. Its tagline was "Apna Favorite Character Batao Or Bhopu Bajao".


The channel primarily focuses on anime for children and teens.

Most Successful Shows[edit]

Rank Year Show Status No. of Episodes Arrived In India
1 2005–present Doraemon On-Air 2250+
2 June 19, 2006 –October 2008, March 2009-present Shin Chan On-Air 1500+
3 March 2006–July 2011 Kochikame Off-Air 267

New Avatar[edit]

Hungama TV had a makeover of sorts. The new avatar imparts a more local flavour while retaining the ‘unapologetically fun loving, mischievous and boisterous’ character of the channel.The brand refresh has been three-pronged; replete with a new tagline - Hungama Machaya Kya?, a new on-air look and package, and a fresh interactive feel.Supplementing the new look for the channel is a music video featuring kids in a colourful, playful mood, bringing alive emotions they experience in everyday life. The new tagline is based on a recent survey by the channel where it emerged that there are always a few kids in every group who dictate the action and activities of the flock. Hungama decided to highlight these kids through its tagline while inspiring other children to follow their example and live life to the fullest.

Current shows[edit]

Hungama TV airs popular kids anime Like Pokémon , Doraemon, and Shin-Chan which are very popular among kids. Hungama TV focuses on anime for children's aimed at kids and preteens (ages 4–14). Shows like Pokémon, Shin-chan, Doraemon, Detective Conan, Kochikame and etc. were the biggest hits on Hungama TV. Pokémon anime debuted on Hungama TV with Pokémon: Indigo League in May 19, 2014 with a new Hindi dub cast. Since its premiere, the respective time-slot consistently ranked on top among all kids and younger boys. The channel also observed an increase of 15% in total viewership. Furthermore, the anime has been getting an average audience of 57.1 million viewers, 24.2 million of which are children. Hungama TV on its beginning showed 50 percent live action shows and 50 percent animated shows, which is the reason for its success from the channel's beginning. Hungama TV's schedule nearly changes every week. Timings of shows are not stable. Just some programs like Pokémon are fixed. All the programmings are as follows:

Current programming[edit]

Upcoming programming[edit]



Former programming[edit]

Dubbing in-house policies[edit]

When Disney purchased the rights to this channel in 2011, A new policy has been implemented by Disney and UTV that all foreign content that was shipped to air on this channel, along with the other Disney networks would start to be dubbed in-house by UTV Software Communications. For certain foreign programs that have previously have been dubbed into Hindi, Tamil or Telugu from before, Disney was not able to use the original dubs of some of the programs, such as Pokémon for example, which was originally dubbed by Sound & Vision India in 2003. Disney could not afford the rights to broadcast the original Hindi dub of that anime on the channel, and also it's due to license rights and market competition. Therefore a new dub was created starting off with re-runs of the anime when it premiered on May 19, 2014. New dubs would have to be created for other foreign content as well, for the same reasons. The true reasons for having to create new dubs of foreign programs in-house, is clearly unknown. However, these examples shown can be a good possibility for the reason.


Hungama TV has aired many movies, both anime and live-action, but has repeated only the movies of the popular animes Doraemon and Shin Chan dubbed in Hindi-

Doraemon Movies[edit]

Shin Chan Movies[edit]


Hungama TV has made 2 PokéRaps of their own version so far for their airings of Pokémon.


Hungama TV made this PokéRap for their airing of Pokémon: Indigo League. It bears no resemblance to the original PokéRap, and is only called Pokérap because it was subtitled as such. Hungama started airing the PokéRap from | Here comes the Squirtle Squad! and stopped it from | Princess Vs. Princess. They continued it from | Friend and Foe Alike onwards.

| Pokérap

PokéFan Rap[edit]

Hungama TV made this PokéRap which aired after | Round One - Begin! and airs in the form of a promo of the airing of Pokémon: Adventures on the Orange Islands on the channel. It features live action dance sequences and provides a hint about the airing of Pokémon: Adventures on the Orange Islands. This PokéRap is in three versions. It was shown after | Round One - Begin! and airs as a promo for the airing of Pokémon: Adventures on the Orange Islands on the channel.


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