Hungary–Uruguay relations

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Hungary-Uruguay relations
Map indicating locations of Hungary and Uruguay



Hungary-Uruguay relations are the relations between Hungary and Uruguay. Diplomatic relations between both countries exist since the times of the Austro-Hungarian Empire: in 1870, Baron Anton von Petz celebrated a Treaty of Friendship, Trade and Navigation between both countries.[1] Hungary has an embassy in Buenos Aires, Argentina, the ambassador being concurrent to Uruguay, and an honorary consulate in Montevideo.[2][3] Uruguay has an embassy in Vienna, Austria, the ambassador being concurrent to Hungary,[4] and an honorary consulate in Miskolc.[5]

There is a significant group of people of Hungarian descent in Uruguay, including some former members of the Hungarian nobility. Uruguayan Hungarians have their own social and cultural institution, the Uruguayan Hungarian Association, established in 1936.[6] There was also an important influx of Hungarian Jews to Uruguay during the first half of the 20th century; they have their own community since 1932.[7]

In 1988, both countries undersigned a bilateral agreement to avoid double taxation.[8]

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