Hungry Hill

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This article is about the Irish hill. For other articles, see Hungry Hill (disambiguation).
Hungry Hill
Cnoc Daod
Hungry hill.jpg
Elevation 685 m (2,247 ft)[1]
Listing Marilyn, Hewitt
Hungry Hill is located in Ireland
Hungry Hill
Hungry Hill
Beara Peninsula, Ireland
Range Caha Mountains
OSI/OSNI grid V761497
Coordinates 51°41′9″N 9°47′31″W / 51.68583°N 9.79194°W / 51.68583; -9.79194

Hungry Hill (Irish: Cnoc Daod) is a mountain on the Beara Peninsula in the Republic of Ireland. With a height of 685 metres (2,247 ft) it is the highest peak of the Caha Mountains and the 130th highest in Ireland.[1] Hungry Hill lies on the border of counties Cork and Kerry, although the peak is on the Cork side.

There is a cairn at the summit and a number of standing stones to the south and east of the mountain. At its eastern foot are two lakes — Coomadayallig and Coomarkane — which both drain into the Mare's Tail waterfalls. This is the highest waterfall in Ireland and the UK.[citation needed]

The first part of the Irish name Cnoc Daod means "hill". The second part may be a dialectal variant of déad, meaning "tooth", "set of teeth" or "jaw".[2] It has been anglicized as Knockdhead and Knockday.[3]

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