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Hunt is a classic multiplayer computer game, in which each player wanders around a maze, represented using ASCII characters on an 80x24 terminal screen, and tries to kill as many other players before being killed himself.

Players can shoot bullets, bombs (which obliterate not only the target, but also the maze walls around it, depending on the strength of the bomb), and slime (which oozes along the corridors). Destroyed parts of the maze regenerate over time; on regeneration, "deflectors" can appear, which change the direction of projectiles. Occasionally, a "wandering bomb" appears, which explodes on contact. Players can form teams.

Play was managed by a daemon process called huntd. The game could drive up the load average to higher levels than normal on earlier computers.

A screenshot of Hunt. The player is the '<' character, which indicates that the player is facing to the right. The b is a flying boot.

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