Hunter's Commonwealth War Graves Commission Cemetery

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Hunter's Cemetery
Commonwealth War Graves Commission
Hunters Cemetery
Used for those deceased 1914-1918
Established 1917
Location 50°4′41″N 2°38′59″E / 50.07806°N 2.64972°E / 50.07806; 2.64972Coordinates: 50°4′41″N 2°38′59″E / 50.07806°N 2.64972°E / 50.07806; 2.64972
near Beaumont-Hamel, France
Total burials 46
Burials by nation
Burials by war
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Hunter's Cemetery is a Commonwealth War Graves Commission burial ground for the dead of World War I situated on the grounds of Beaumont Hamel Newfoundland Memorial Park near the French town of Beaumont-Hamel.

Layout & History[edit]

During the Battle of the Somme Beaumont-Hamel was attacked in vain on 1 July 1916 and finally captured by the 51st (Highland) and 63rd (Royal Naval) Divisions on the following 13 November. Hunter's Cemetery, possibly named after Reverend Hunter, a Chaplain attached to the Black Watch Regiment, is in fact a great shell-hole. Soldiers of the 51st Division, who fell in the capture of Beaumont-Hamel were buried in the shell-hole after the battle. There are now over 40, 1914–18 war casualties commemorated in this site. Hunter's Cemetery stands at the upper end of Y Ravine, within Newfoundland Memorial Park.

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