Huntington High School (New York)

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Huntington High School
Type Public
Principal Carmela Leonardi
Asst. Principal Brenden Cusack
Students 1290 (2011)
Grades 9-12
Location Oakwood & McKay Roads,
Huntington, New York, USA
District Huntington Union Free School District
Campus Suburban
Colors      Blue
Mascot Blue Devils
Yearbook Huntingtonian
Newspaper 'Dispatch'
Website [1]

Huntington High School is a four-year, public high school located in Huntington, New York. It functions as the high school for the Huntington Union Free School District, serving students in Huntington. As of 2011, 1290 students were enrolled.

Academic statistics[edit]

  • 209 courses are offered
  • 16 AP courses offered
  • 17 honors courses offered
  • 40+ clubs offered
  • Ranked number 18 school in the United States of America in foreign language course overall averages
  • Noted for the puitzner award for outstanding academic achievements


The Huntington Interscholastic Athletics Program has played an integral and important part in the Huntington community. Organized athletics in the Huntington School District dates back more than one hundred years.

Notable achievements include:

Huntington Football Team:

  • 2005 Long Island Champions
  • 2013 Long Island Divisional Champions

Huntington Boys Basketball Team:

  • 2008-2009 Class "A" Suffolk County Finalist.
  • 2005-2006 Class "A" Suffolk County Champions.
  • League V Champions

The Huntington Harpooning Squad

  • 2009-2010 Honorable Mention

The Huntington Boys' Lacrosse team:

  • 2007 Long Island Class "B" Champions
  • 2005 and 2006 NYS championship titles
  • Ranked #1 in the country by InsideLacrosse
  • A record of 46 straight wins since 2004

Huntington Boys Tennis

  • 2002 Suffolk County Champions
  • 2007 League II Champions

Huntington Girls Soccer

  • 1994 State Champions and ranked #1 in the nation
  • 2004 Suffolk County Champions

Huntington Highsteppers:

  • Highsteppers are a regional and national award-winning Kickline/dance team. They have performed at a Knicks vs. Nets game and several other competitions outside of New York state.


Recently,[when?] the school has undergone several renovations, including:

  • Seat replacements and refurbishments in the auditorium.
  • A new track, synthetic turf field, and bleachers
  • Replacement of bleachers in the Louis D. Giani Gymnasium
  • New driveway
  • A new library
  • New flooring in the bathrooms

Alma mater[edit]

Honor to Huntington

Honor to Huntington Now that our tasks are done We shall remember the days we have spent Within thine halls and Ee'n now that we must part Loyal in every heart Honor to Hutington We will be true


Our strong band shall ne’er be broken
formed in Huntington High;
far surpassing wealth unspoken,
sealed by friendship’s tie.

Huntington High School, now and ever
Deep grave on each heart,
Shall be found unwavering true,
When we from life shall part.
High school life at best is passing,
Gliding swiftly by;
Then let us pledge in word and deed
Our love for Huntington High.

Notable alumni[edit]

Internet Fame[edit]

Huntington High School Students have come to popularity over viral pictures.

  • Gabe Perez, popular for his ID pictures from 9th to 12th grade
  • Richard Gray, popular for his senior quote, from the movie Mean Girls.

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