Huo Yuanjia (2008 TV series)

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Huo Yuanjia
Huo Yuanjia (2008 TV series).jpg
DVD cover art
Also known as The Legendary Fok 2008
Genre Martial arts, historical drama, biographical
Written by Chan Kiu-ying
Directed by Kuk Kwok-leung
Creative director(s) Stanley Kwan
Presented by Sheng Xiaodong
Ren Xiaojie
Wang Dafang
Starring Ekin Cheng
Jordan Chan
Bryan Leung
Zhou Muyin
Ding Li
Qu Yue
Opening theme Man Lei Cheung Sing Wing Bat Dou (万里长城永不倒) performed by Johnny Yip (in Cantonese)
Ending theme Ye Shang (夜殇) performed by Mao Ning and Chen Ming (in Mandarin)
Composer(s) Chris Babida
Country of origin China
Hong Kong
Original language(s) Mandarin
No. of episodes 42
Executive producer(s) Wu Jieqiang
Producer(s) Guo Jun
Li Cheng
Wang Zhizhong
Location(s) China
Hong Kong
Running time 45 minutes per episode
Production company(s) 1. Tianjin Jinyuan Film Limited
2. Huaxia Shiting Huanqiu Media Limited.
3. Dongyang Huanyu Film Culture Media Limited
4. Beijing Ji'an Yongjia Film Culture Media Limited
Original channel ATV
First shown in 2008
Followed by Jingwu Chen Zhen (2008)
Huo Yuanjia
Chinese 霍元甲

Huo Yuanjia is a television series based on the life of the Chinese martial artist Huo Yuanjia. It includes a subplot about Chen Zhen, a fictional student of Huo Yuanjia and the protagonist of the 1972 film Fist of Fury. The series was directed by Kuk Kwok-leung and starred Ekin Cheng, Jordan Chan, Zhou Muyin, Bryan Leung, Ding Li and Qu Yue in the lead roles. It was first released in 2008 and was later broadcast on various television channels in other countries in the following year. The sequel, titled Jingwu Chen Zhen, was released in late 2008.


Huo Yuanjia was born in Jinghai County, Tianjin, in a family of martial artists. He is asthmatic as a child so his father, Huo Endi, strongly discourages him from practising martial arts, but he does not give up and secretly learns from "Great Sword" Wang Wu, a swordsman who once saved him from drowning. Huo Endi and his junior, Zhao Shengxian, were trained in martial arts by the same master, but they became rivals after their master's death. Despite the animosity between their respective fathers, Huo Yuanjia develops a close friendship with Zhao Shengxian's daughter, Zhao Qiannan. One day, Cheng Tianxiao, Huo Endi and Zhao Shengxian's senior, shows up and challenges them to a fight. Huo Yuanjia surprises everyone by displaying his skills for the first time when he saves his father from Cheng Tianxiao's aggressive advances. He defeats Cheng Tianxiao in a match later and the latter dies. Cheng Tianxiao's apprentice, Chen Zhen, sees Huo Yuanjia as a sworn enemy and vows to avenge his master. However, Huo accepts Chen as his student in the hope of resolving their feud. Chen initially harbours a grudge against Huo and seeks to kill Huo, but dismisses the idea as he becomes more impressed with the latter's chivalry and patriotism.

One day, Zhao Qiannan's cousin, Long Haisheng, comes to Jinghai on a business trip. Long is actually plotting to dominate Jinghai's market by running an opium industry but Huo Yuanjia foils his plan and destroys the opium in public. In revenge, Long frames Huo for murder, forcing Huo to flee from Jinghai. Huo travels to Tianjin with Chen Zhen and Liu Zhensheng, where he gradually becomes involved in the affairs of the martial artists' community in Tianjin. Huo makes his name by defeating an aggressive Japanese fighter in a fight and emerges victorious in subsequent matches with foreign challengers. Huo moves to Beijing, where he founds the Jingwu School to train martial artists to defend China from foreign aggressors. Huo is targeted by a Japanese secret agent called Wang Xiwen, who plots his downfall. In the meantime, Chen Zhen strikes up a romantic relationship with Wang Xiwen's subordinate, Wang Xiuzhi, without knowing that the Wangs' true identities.

Huo is chosen to represent China in a martial arts tournament held in Shanghai, with champions from various countries participating. Huo defeats all his opponents until he meets Itō, a brutish Japanese fighter. As Huo had been secretly poisoned by a spy planted by Wang Xiwen in Jingwu School, he collapses during the match but manages to defeat Itō before dying. Chen Zhen continues Huo's legacy by upholding the Jingwu spirit and he seeks to bring Huo's murderers to justice. The final scenes in the last episode are reminiscent of Fist of Fury, where Chen charges into the Hongkou dojo and takes down every opponent he meets before killing Wang Xiwen. The final scene shows Chen charging with a flying kick towards a line of armed soldiers firing at him.


  • Ekin Cheng as Huo Yuanjia, the founder of Jingwu School.
  • Jordan Chan as Chen Zhen, Huo Yuanjia's student.
  • Zhou Muyin as Zhao Qiannan, Zhao Shengxian's daughter and Huo Yuanjia's love interest.
  • Bryan Leung as Huo Endi, Huo Yuanjia's father.
  • Xiu Qing as Long Haisheng, Zhao Qiannan's cousin and the primary antagonist in the series.
  • Ding Li as Wang Yun, Huo Yuanjia's wife.
  • Qu Yue as Wang Xiuzhi / Hideko, Wang Xiwen's subordinate and Chen Zhen's love interest.
  • Hou Yu as Liu Zhensheng, Huo Yuanjia's friend who later becomes his student.
  • Zhang Songwen as Nong Jinsun, a Tongmenghui member who co-founds Jingwu School with Huo Yuanjia.
  • Lau Kar-wing as Zhao Shengxian, Huo Endi's junior who became his rival.
  • Yuen Shun-yee as Cheng Tianxiao, Huo Endi and Zhao Shengxian's senior and Chen Zhen's first master.
  • Ben Ng as "Great Sword" Wang Wu, a swordsman who first taught Huo Yuanjia martial arts.
  • Ge Lei as Huo Yuanjia's mother
  • Simon Chui as Huo Huaishan, Huo Yuanjia's uncle.
  • Marco Li as Huo Yuanwu, Huo Yuanjia's brother.
  • Chen Kai as Huo Yuanying, Huo Yuanjia's brother.
  • Liu Weihua as Wang Xiwen / Mitsui, a Japanese secret agent.
  • He Jinling as Itō, Miyamoto's junior and Huo Yuanjia's final opponent.
  • Yan Hongzhi as Miyamoto, a Japanese fighter defeated by Huo Yuanjia in Tianjin.
  • Ye Yong as Zhao Zhennan, Zhao Shengxian's son.
  • Zhang Dalei as Zhao Zhenbei, Zhao Shengxian's son.
  • Li Zhenqi as Liu Yao, the boss of an armed escort agency and a close friend of Huo Endi and Zhao Shengxian.
  • Li Qingxiang as Long Shaoji, Long Haisheng's father and a diplomat.
  • Wang Feihong as Lu Da'an, Huo Yuanjia's student.
  • Wang Xi as Xiaomei, Zhao Qiannan's servant.

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