Huracán (telenovela)

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Genre Telenovela
Directed by
  • Salvador Sanchez
  • Alejandro Camacho (general director)
  • Claudio Reyes (guest director)
Country of origin Mexico
Original language(s) Spanish
No. of episodes 80
  • Alfredo Sanchez
  • Manuel Barajas
Original channel Televisa
Original run October 13, 1997 – March 27, 1998

Huracán (Hurricane) is a Mexican telenovela shown in Mexico from October 13, 1997 to March 27, 1998, starring with the late Jorge Russek, Fernando Balzaretti, and Eduardo Palomo.


The story takes place in the Mazatlán. Elena Robles is the illegitimate daughter of Alfonsina Robles and Fernan Vargaslugo, a rich man who, under the influence of his mother and sister, never had strength to recognize Elena as his daughter. He married another woman and adopted a daughter, Larissa. Elena falls in love with Ulises Medina, a poor boy whose best friend is Raimundo Villareal, son of the impresario Nestor Villareal, the owner of the Nautilus companies.

Nestor had intimate relations with the mother of Ulises when they were young, but he deceived her and now she hates all the Villareal family. Ulises and Elena decide to escape together but their plan doesn't work and Ulises leaves alone, pursued by the police, because he robbed a ring from the true Elena's grandmother to give it to her as a present. Shortly after Elena leaves for Mexico. Nine years later Elena has become a famous biologist and Ulises is a sailor. By chance they both return to Mazatlán at the same time, meet each other again and realize that their love is still alive. They start seeing each other again, but Raimundo and his sister Thelma are jealous because they are in love with Elena and Ulises. They try to separate the couple.


Preceded by
El alma no tiene color
October 13, 1997 - March 27, 1998
Succeeded by
La usurpadora

International release[edit]

Country Network(s) Series premiere Series finale Title Weekly schedule Timeslot
 Mexico Canal de las Estrellas October 13, 1997 March 27, 1998 Huracán Monday to Friday 21:30
 United States Univision April 13, 1998 June 8, 1998 Huracán Monday to Friday 14:00


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