Hurd's Deep

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Hurd's Deep (or Hurd Deep) is a deep underwater valley in the English Channel, north west of the Channel Islands, at position 49 degrees 30 minutes North, 3 degrees 34 minutes West. From marine navigational charts, the maximum depth is 172 metres, and lies to the north of the isle of Alderney. It is most probable that it was named after Captain Thomas Hurd RN. by Admiral Martin White[disambiguation needed] (born at Hayling Island, 1779).

Hurd's Deep is the final resting place of HMS Affray which sank in 1951.[1]


Following the First World War, Hurd's Deep was used by the British Government as a dumping ground for both chemical and conventional munitions. SMS Baden was scuttled there in 1921. Following the Second World War, it was used to dump military equipment, munitions and weaponry left behind by the ousted German invaders of the Channel Islands. Routine dumping of British munitions carried on until 1974.

Between 1946 and 1973 the area was also used for the dumping of low and intermediate level radioactive wastes.[2] [3]


Coordinates: 49°30′N 3°34′W / 49.500°N 3.567°W / 49.500; -3.567