Huron Heights Secondary School (Kitchener)

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Huron Heights Secondary School
1825 Strasburg Road
Kitchener, Ontario, N2R 1K3, Canada
Coordinates 43°23′41.45″N 80°27′58.58″W / 43.3948472°N 80.4662722°W / 43.3948472; -80.4662722
School board Waterloo Region District School Board
Superintendent L. Hodgins
Principal Mr. E. Doadt
Vice principal Mr. R. Dickson, Mr. A. Lavell, Ms. J. Freund
School type High School
Grades 9,10,11,12
Language English
Area Kitchener
Mascot Husky
Team name Huskies
Colours Purple, Silver, Black and White                 
Founded 2006
Enrollment ~1200+ (September 2012)

Huron Heights Secondary School is the newest high school in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada. It serves the rapidly growing southwest end of the city, located at the intersection of Strasburg and Huron Road. It opened on September 5, 2006. Its student body and more specifically, sports teams are known as the Huskies.


Along with up-to-date facilities and a modern look, the school is the only one in the region to have a specialized health care lab that is dedicated to health care, and health care accessories. Huron Heights has a unique teaching program that provides specific instruction to those who are interested in the many varied opportunities in the Health Sector (medicine, nursing, geriatrics, nutrition science, etc.) Students from anywhere in Waterloo County may apply to attend Huron Heights via this specialized magnet programme.

Huron Heights Secondary School

New students were introduced in a gradual pattern; only grades 9 and 10 attended to begin with, and grades 11 and 12 were added each successive year of operation. A Developmental Education class was added in 2007. The fall of 2009 saw the inaugural grade 12 graduation ceremony for the initial grade 10 students who opened the school.

List of Clubs and Teams[edit]

  • Dance Team
  • Dance Company
  • DECA
  • Games Club
  • Cross Country (gr. 9-12)
  • Track and Field (gr.9-12)
  • Senior Boys Volleyball (gr. 11-12)
  • Junior Boys Volleyball (gr. 9-10)
  • Senior Girls Volleyball (gr. 11-12)
  • Junior Girls Volleyball (gr. 9-10)
  • Junior Boys Football (gr. 9-10)
  • Senior Boys Football (gr. 11-12)
  • Junior Boys Rugby (gr. 9-10)
  • Junior Girls Rugby (gr. 9-10)
  • Senior Boys Rugby (gr. 11-12)
  • Senior Girls Rugby (gr. 11-12)
  • Junior Boys Soccer (gr. 9-10)
  • Junior Girls Soccer (gr. 9-10)
  • Senior Boys Soccer (gr. 11-12)
  • Senior Girls Soccer (gr. 11-12)
  • SAC (Student Activities Council)
  • Varsity Boys Hockey
  • Varsity Girls Field Hockey
  • Tech Crew
  • SKY Radio Club
  • WAYVE Club (Working Against Youth Violence Everywhere)
  • Empowerment Club
  • Intramurals
    • Ping Pong
    • Floor Hockey
    • Dodgeball
    • Teacher versus Student Matches
  • Anime Club (Cancelled)
  • Video Game Club (Cancelled)
  • Yearbook Club
  • Junior Concert Band (gr. 9-10)
  • Senior Concert Band (gr. 11-12)
  • Concert Choir
  • Girls Choir
  • Rubiks Cube Club

Clubs and Teams In Depth[edit]

Below is a list of the clubs and teams at Huron Heights incorporating a more detailed view of what each club does and even some history of the club, such as championships they have won.

Senior Football Team[edit]

The Senior Football Team is a team opened to all grade 11's and 12's currently attending Huron Heights Secondary School (Kitchener), with a valid student ID. The football season takes place during the fall(Autumn) season.

Team History[edit]

The Huron Heights Huskies won the 2012 Senior Football Division 'B' Football Championship (This was the schools only championship in its history). The team went 9-1 in the entire season (including playoffs). The full roster was as follows: Mackenzie Frey, Nick Davis, Diako Karimi, Evert Davy, Ryan Pease, Jaaon Lee, Zack Gillingham, Derek Boyd, Brendan MacCracken, Josh MacCracken, Zane Kane, Nathan Madden, TravisBrown, Bradley Loyd, Chris Anderson, Zach Rechea, Noah Bester, Nathan Schneider, Matt Carmichael, Drake Smith, Josh Davis, Ifabiyi Adaran, Alkan Olzderya, Zach Thibodeau, Mike Whalen, Matt Cober, Travis Boronka, Samuel Piticaru, Jacob Nichols.

The teams leaders were as follows:

Passing Leader

  • Derek Boyd

Rushing Leader

  • Matt Cober (Holds Record For Most Rushing Yards In Schools History)

Defensive Leaders

  • Mackenzie Frey
  • Nick Davis
  • Diako Karimi

Offensive Line Leader

  • Jason Lee

The team's most valuable player for the 2012 season was Matt Cober, the team's leading rusher and starting Running Back.

The Coaching Staff for this team is as follows:

  • Head Coach - Coach Holmes,
  • Linemen Coach - Coach Fraser,
  • Linebackers & DB's Coach - Coach Bieronski,
  • Running Backs & Quarter Backs Coach - Coach Holmes,
  • Wide Receivers Coach - Coach Bowman

It was the Huron Heights Huskies most successful football season in its history. Also, the Huskies had their most successful game in history, when they blewout the KCI Raiders, 52-0 in front of an ecstatic crowd at a hyped-up event named 'Kitchener Klash'.

SKY Radio Club[edit]

This is a group of approximately 20 students that produce and operate the morning announcements on a daily basis. They also supply music during lunch hour. This club is meant to be recreational. However, it can be a training ground for students considering a career in sound recording or radio/TV arts. The program was on a brief hiatus during winter 2013 due to an extracurricular contract dispute between teachers and the provincial government, however has since resumed. As of April 2014, the program continues to air every morning.

Tech Crew[edit]

The Tech Crew contains a group of students who volunteer their time to help run a show. The work they do is behind the scenes and often only is noticed when there are mess ups rather than acknowledged when they have done well. The Tech Crew often is struck with challenging tasks, such as setting up for an assembly in 20 minutes with only two people helping.

Any event you see at the school will usually have one of the dedicated Tech Crew members running/setting something up. Some of the events that Tech Crew has helped with would be: Commencement, Grade 8 Graduation, Assemblies, Award Ceremonies, Banquets, MYART, and many more.

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