Hurricane Electric

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Hurricane Electric
Type LLC
Industry Internet service provider
Founded 1994
Headquarters Fremont, CA, USA
Key people Mike Leber, founder
Services IP transit, colocation
Divisions USA
Primary ASN: 6939
Peering Policy Open

Hurricane Electric is a global Internet service provider offering IPv4 and IPv6 services,[1] as well as data center and web hosting services in Fremont, California, where the company is based.


Hurricane Electric operates the largest Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6) transit network globally, as measured by the count of interconnections to other networks (peering).[2] The majority of these adjacencies are native IPv6 BGP sessions. This may be determined with Hurricane Electric's BGP looking glass at

Hurricane Electric offers an IPv6 tunnel broker service,[3] providing free connectivity to the IPv6 Internet via 6-in-4 IPv6 transition mechanisms. The company also provides an IPv6 certification program to further education and compliance in IPv6 technology.[4][5] According to Hurricane Electric's statistics, as of January 28, 2014, the company provided 73,161 tunnels spanning 175 countries[6] via the IPv6 tunnel broker and 8,467 individuals have reached the highest level of the IPv6 certification.[7]


According to Euro-IX, Hurricane Electric ranks first in the world for the number of connections to Internet exchange points, with presence at 65 of them.[8]


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