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Hussain Ul Haque (born 1949) is an eminent Urdu critic, Writer and theorist with a sufi approach in his thought and writings. He has nurtured a whole generation of Urdu researchers, writers and learners since the 1970s.

A brief profile[edit]


He is an Urdu erudite in the field of teaching and education since last 32 years. Started his teaching career in 1976 in Magadh University-Bodh Gaya- Gaya, India. Currently holds the chair for Dept. of Urdu and serving as Proctor in the same institution.

He has the Research Guidance Experience of 16 Ph.D degrees being already awarded and 4 research work in progress state in the various fields of Urdu literature and education.

Mr. Hussain Ul Haque has also held the following posts in the field of Academia.

  1. Prof. in Charge (Persian ) from Dec-1990 to Jan-1995 (Magadh University, Bodh Gaya)
  2. Superintendent of Examination
  3. Member of Selection Committee and Screening Board of Patna University, University of Calcutta, Aligarh Muslim University etc.

Different aspects of literary and cultural involvement[edit]

Story writer[edit]

More than 200 stories published in standard literary magazines of Urdu world. Dozens of them are translated in Hindi, English and Punjabi. He is regarded as an established name of Urdu Short Stories


Two Novels are published (1. Bolo Mat Chup Raho 2. Furat). Well appreciated and discussed in literary circles of the country. FURAT is included in the syllabus of several universities of the country as well.

Research Scholar, Critic and Essayist More than 30 research papers presented and published, hundreds of critical articles and over 50 essays are being published and discussed in the various circles of education and literature. His non fictional works have been presented and rewarded in various highly reputed Urdu forums and journals.

Various other literary initiatives

  1. Founder member of Alhamra ( Drama ) society, Sasaram during student life (Bihar)
  2. Founder president of Quazi Ali Haque Academy, Sasaram (Bihar)
  3. Patron of Bazm-E-Nazish Gaya (Bihar)
  4. Director of Maulana Anwar Ul Haque Liberary-Gaya (Bihar)
  5. Participant in different types of Inter faith forums and dialigue.

Stories selected in Anthologies

No. Anthology Story Editor Publication
1 Bees Nai Kahanian Aatma Katha Dr. A.A Fatmi Allahabad
2 Bihar Mein Urdu Afsana Lakht Lakht Dr. W Asharafi Patna
3 Sotoor Aatma Katha Kumar Pashi Delhi
4 Urdu Ki Behtarin Kahanian Sahra Mein Raqus A. Amrohi Delhi
5 Mear Wa Qena Azabannar Shahid Mahuli Delhi
6 Irtequa Hanoz Kalam Haideri Gaya
7 Urdu Ke Nomainda Afsane Murda Radar Urdu Academy Delhi
8 Aaj Kal ke Afsane Jab Ismail Jaga Aaj Kal Delhi
9 Fasadat Ke Afsane Neo Ki Eint Zobair Rizvi Delhi
10 Asr Urdu Kahania Fitrat ki Dagar Penguin Publication Delhi
11 Kahani ke Roop Khoi Hawaon Ki Chaap Dr.W. Asharafi Ranchi
12 Collection of Urdu Stories Khar Pusht Prof. M.A Harjanvi Bhagalpur

Books published[edit]

1. Aakhri Geet (Poetry-1977)
2. Pase Parda - E - Shab (Short Story-1981)
3. Soorat-E-Haal (1982)
4. Barish Mein Ghera Makhan (1986)
5. Ghane Jungalon Mein (1989)
6. Matla (1995)
7. Sooi ki Nok Par Ruka Lamha (1997)
8. Bolo Mat Chup Raho (Novel- 1990)
9. Furat (1992)
10. Asar-E-Hazrat Wasi (Biography-2001)
11. Asar-E- Baghawat (2008)
12. Newn Ki Eent (2009)

Editing and compiling[edit]

1. Harf-E- Tamanna (Nazish Sahsarami) Gazals-1984
2. Tasawwuf Wa Rahbaniat (Maulana Anwar Ul Haque) Mysticism-1999
3. Asar-E- Hazrat Waheed (Hazrat Waez Ul Haque) Biography- 2003
4. Gyasut- Talebeen (Maulana Gheysuddin) Mysticism-2005
5. Fauz-O-Falah Ki Gumshuda Kadi (Maulana Anwar Ul Haque) Mysticism-2007


1. Classicy Ghazal Ka Imteyaz - Research Paper-2000
2. Esharia Sadat-E-Qutbi - Research-2003
3. Ittehad-E-Asateza Ki Ahmiat - Essay-1983
4. Tasawwuf Pasand Mosannefeen - Introduction - 1987

Honors and awards[edit]

1. National Merit Scholarship ( Govt. of Bihar) - 1970
2. Nomination as Delegate to Participate in XIII All India Persian Conference (Shanti Niketan-WB)-1991
3. Junior Fellowship (UGC- MHRD- India) - 1993-1995
4. Extension Lecturer -K.B.L Oriental Library (Patna-Bihar)-1995
5. Member of Advisory Panel for Saraswati Samman ( K.K Birla Delhi) - 1995
6. RajBhasha Award for Fiction and Poetry by Raj Bhasha Vibhag (Bihar) - 1998
7. Senior Fellowship ( Dept. of Culture MHRD-India) 1997-1999
8. Isbat-O-Nafi Award for Furat (Kolkata-WB)- 2001
9. Advisory Panel Member for Bihar Urdu Academy ( Urdu Academy- Bihar) - Since 2002
10. Akhtar Orainwai Award for fiction writing (Urdu Academy- Bihar) -2003
11. Extension Lecture on Sohail Azimabadi ( Urdu Academy- Bihar)- 2006
12. Extension Lecture on Importance of Literature ( Vir Kuwanr Singh Univ.- Bihar) - 2007
13. American Urdu Society Award for distinguished contribution in Urdu Literature - 2011

Apart for the above noted contributions of Mr Hussain Ul Haque, there are so many other literary and cultural activities with which he has kept associated himself as an active participant from local to the national levels. Society of Urdu Literature (SOUL-USA) and Halqa-e-Arbab-eZauq(USA) are few of American Urdu literary organizations with which he is actively associated as well.

Personal life[edit]

Born to a very simple and financially week family, Mr Hussain Ul Haque and his younger brother Dr. Ain Tabish are the only two kids survived out of 10 children to their parents. Childhood of both these siblings passed in the small town of Sasaram ( The place of Sher Shah Suri) Bihar.

Father Mr. Anwar Ul Haque was a noted nationalist and scholar of his time.Their Mother Mrs Shauqat Ara was also from Sasaram. Under their esteemed guidance and parenting, these two sons have inherited the whole Chishti and Quadri sufi approach in their life. And could succeed outstandingly in their mission of spreading the message of Sufi Islam.

Brother Dr. Ain Tabish is a noted Urdu Poet and an English connoisseur with a deepest possible understanding of literature and religion.

Wife of Mr Hussain Ul Haque is Mrs Nishat Israar (Daughter to Late Mr Israar Ul Haque (Asst. Registrar- MU- BodhGaya).

Mr. and Mrs Hussian Ul Haque have two daughters and two sons.

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