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The province and city of Al-Husseiniya is located in Al Sharqia Governorate, Egypt. It was named after the Sultan Hussien II. It was previously called the Hill of the Pharaoh.

History of the city[edit]

Tanis is one of the most important local centers in the city, was the capital of Ancient Egypt during the 21st-23rd dynasties and was a major city till the Roman era. The city consists of many Roman, Greek and Egyptian antiquities and had military importance, it being the main road for the invasion of the Hittites and was the key city for the dominance of the Nile Delta.


The city is approximately 1558.68 square kilometers and thus covers around 31% of the total area of the governorate, and is considered to be the biggest province.


Summer average temperatures are a low of 22°C and a high of 33°C. In the winter, the province experiences some rain.[1]


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