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The Hussian School of Art is a private vocational school for graphic design and commercial illustration located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA.

It was established in 1946 and offers a four-year, full-time, program.[1]


The Hussian School of Art was founded by John Hussian, a member of Philadelphia's art community and a lecturer at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. He taught commercial art and fine art.[2] At the end of World War II, returning veterans and civilians were searching for schools to help them build new careers. Because of his knowledge of commercial and fine art, the Principles of the art museum convinced John Hussian to found the school in 1946.

In the early 1960s, at the suggestion of the Pennsylvania Department of Education and the Veterans Administration, the school began teaching solely commercial art.[2] The school was incorporated in 1965, and founder Hussian retired in 1973, succeeded by longtime associate Ronald Dove, who remains president as of 2010.[2]

Graphic art and fine art remained part of the curriculum until the early 1960s when, because of its reputation, the Pennsylvania Department of Education and the Veterans Administration suggested the school focus solely on commercial art.

The school was incorporated in 1965. John Hussian retired in 1973, turning the leadership over to a long-time associate, Ronald Dove. As a nationally accredited career school by ACCSC (Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges), the school is also active in the ICDS (International Council of Design Schools) as well as the regional professional art community.

Since July 2010, Ronald Dove has served as Chairman of Hussian School of Art; turning the role of President over to alumni, Bruce Wartman.


Alumni of the Hussian School of Art include 1950s Marvel Comics artist Joe Maneely, and his classmate George Ward, an artist for periodicals including the Philadelphia Bulletin and the New York Daily News, and a 1950s assistant on Walt Kelly's comic strip Pogo.[3]


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